Q:  Are you a political party?

A: We are not a political party, but a community of Aryan men and women representing a revolutionary, new worldview based upon the eternal laws of Nature.

Q:  Why do you call yourselves the NEW ORDER? Is that the same as the “New World Order”?

A:  We call ourselves the New Order because that is what we stand for — a New Order of Aryan man. By contrast, there is nothing new about the so-called “New World Order,” which is nothing more than a charade — the final recycling of a rotted, anti-racial Old Order fated for collapse.

Q:  Why do you use the Swastika?

A:  We use this sign because it is the sacred symbol of our race, as well as the primordial emblem of the Eternal, whose Almighty Cause we embrace.

Q:  Are you Nazis?

A:  No, we are not “Nazis,” neo- or otherwise. We are followers of Adolf Hitler — National Socialists.

Q:  What is National Socialism?

A:  National Socialism may be defined very simply as the application of the laws of Nature — the operating laws of the Almighty in this world — to human affairs. It represents the racial consciousness and upward striving of Aryankind toward a better and nobler world.

Q:  Do you believe that whites are a master race?

A:  No, we do not. If whites were a true master race, they would act like one and not try to imitate other races. They would not go around with a guilt complex, feeling ashamed and sorry for what they are.

Q:  Why do you appeal only to white people?

A:  Our ministry is directed to white people for two reasons: (1) we ourselves are white; and (2) white people happen to be the most decadent race on Earth today. More than any other, they have forgotten the laws of Nature and allowed their wonderful potential as images of God to be squandered. As such, they have special need of Adolf Hitler’s race-saving message.

Q:  What are the laws of Nature?

A:  The laws of Nature are the laws of life, the sovereign laws of the Eternal, by which this universe operates and is governed. Chief among these are the laws of Dynamism, Differentiation, Hierarchy and Order. They include the supreme command to every race and species: “PRESERVE THINE OWN KIND.”

Q:  Do you believe in Creation, or Evolution?

A:  We believe in both Creation and Evolution. Evolution is nothing more than the way in which the Creator creates, to fulfill Its higher purpose. Creation is not a one-time event that happened long ago, but rather an ongoing process that has never stopped. It is recapitulated with the biological development of every single individual from conception. And it is this never-ending process which offers Aryan man the possibility of racial betterment and higher development — if he obeys the laws of Nature and returns to the upward Path.

Q:  Do you believe that Hitler was a god?

A:  There is but one Supreme Being, one Ultimate Source of all causation — one great Primal Power, infinite and eternal — which we recognize. We are all creations of this Power. Once in thousands of years, however, a singular and unique figure appears, whose special mission it is to declare anew the Divine Will and to redefine human history. In so doing, he himself becomes a universal symbol. In recent time, this extraordinary, providential figure appeared in the person of — Adolf Hitler. With his miraculous appearance, a new age on Earth has begun. That is why we honor and revere him.

Q:  If Hitler was this special figure sent by a Higher Power, why did he lose the war?

A:  Hitler didn’t lose the war. Those who lost — and will ultimately lose — are all those who have opposed him and his mission. Adolf Hitler’s death and reappearance were foreordained as part of a higher destiny which he himself announced. The fact is that Hitler’s struggle, HIS war — God’s Holy War — is not over, but has only begun. It will continue until the final victory of his Cause has been secured.

Q:  Are you recognized by the government?

A:  As a bonafide religious body representing the manifest will of a Higher Power, we neither seek nor require recognition or sanction by any state or government. Those governments which align themselves with this Higher Will shall prosper and be blessed. Those which oppose it shall be destroyed.

Q:  Does this mean that you engage in illegal activity?

A:  No, it does not. We are a religious body of faith and devotion. As such, we act in strict conformity with existing temporal law, to the extent that it does not violate the higher moral law of God. Our battle is not one of illegal activity or criminal conspiracy, but one of winning hearts and minds. We shall overcome evil with good.

Q:  I’ve been waiting for years to find a cause I could support, one to which I could commit myself wholeheartedly. How can I get started and become a part of your Movement?

A:  The first step is to contact us and familiarize yourself with our work and what we stand for. The second step is to register as a supporter of this Movement. Should you desire greater involvement beyond that, you may apply to speak to one of our representatives.