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What is the NEW ORDER?

The NEW ORDER is a spiritual community representing a revolutionary new faith and a great historic movement.

We are comprised of white men and women of all ages and social backgrounds who are committed to building a better world for future generations of their race.

Our program is in our name: We stand for a revolutionary New Order here on Earth.

Today we live under an Old Order which is corrupt, decadent and diseased — a mad, psychotic system of mindless materialism, self-indulgence, drugs, pollution, pornography, race-mixing, filth, chaos and alienation. It is the way of Death, and more and more people are coming to recognize it as such.

A Better Way

But there is a better way, a way of Life. That way calls for the elimination of the egocentric/materialistic attitude and outlook. It calls for a new awareness and understanding. It involves a spiritual awakening and calls for a rebirth of idealism and natural values.

It begins with the realization that we are part of something much bigger that our own individual selves; that man is part of a great natural order; that to be healthy and whole, he must act in accordance with the laws of Nature; and that among her ordinances are the laws of Race and racial conservation.

As National Socialists, we see ourselves as part of a world Aryan community and a new folk in formation. No multiracial society can be viable in the long run. That is why we want to build a separate, all-white society, one with its own unique culture and way of life.

Moral & Spiritual Mobilization

Toward that end, it is the function of the NEW ORDER to provide a focal point for the moral and spiritual mobiliztion of our race. Our task is to give the the racial community a sense of common identity, common purpose, common outllook and common direction, and to furnish it with a set of common values and ideals essential for survival in an increasingly confused, chaotic and disoriented world.

Ours is more than just another organization. We represent a cause — the most sacred cause of all time,sacred because it involves the very existence of our race on this Earth.

The Movement of Adolf Hitler

We are the Movement of Adolf Hitler. We are his heirs. He has given us a great commission, which it is our duty to discharge.

For it was none other than Adolf Hitler who came into the world to remind modern man of Nature’s eternal laws and to make them the basis for a miraculous regeneration in human affairs. That is why we proudly recognize him as the greatest figure of the age and why we regard his Cause as the one great hope for Aryan man here on Earth.


For further information and an introductory packet send $3 to:

Central Office
Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

Email: NewOrderInfo88@gmail.com

Donate to the NEW ORDER

The NEW ORDER is dependent on those who agree with its aims and goals for financial support.

You may send a donation to the NEW ORDER Central Office at:

PO Box 270486
Milwaukee, WI 53227

We suggest that donations be made by way of check drawn on a US bank or postal money order, made payable to New Order.

Some donors may prefer to purchase a pre-paid credit card at a local retail establishment.

We also accept cash donations, although we do not recommend sending cash through the mail. If you do, make sure that it is well-concealed.

At this time we do not accept PayPal.

Subscribe to the NS BULLETIN!


The NS BULLETIN (ISSN 1071-2067) is the official print newsletter of the NEW ORDER. It was founded in January, 1967, by Matt Koehl as the internal organ of the National Socialist White Peoples Party and the National Socialist Youth Movement. It is the longest continuously published National Socialist periodical of the modern era.

The NS BULLETIN contains Movement news and commentary, ideological articles, NS Publications updates and more.


The NS BULLETIN distributed free to NEW ORDER supporters and associates. Subscription rates for all others: $35 for six issues; $60 for 12 issues. Prices for bulk orders on request.

Payment for subscriptions NS BULLETIN may be made by check drawn on a US bank, money order, pre-paid credit card or well-concealed cash. The NEW ORDER assumes no responsibility for payments lost in the mail. Checks and money orders should be made payable to New Order. Mail to:

PO Box 270486
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Registered Supporter Program

Registered Supporters submit a signed application form and agree to send the NEW ORDER a monthly financial pledge. In exchange, they receive a free subscription to the NS BULLETIN, our official newsletter. Registered Supporters are also eligible to attend private NEW ORDER functions not open to the public. Additionally, they receive notices and updates concerning special events and projects.

The minimum monthly pledge is $20, although some Registered Supporters give more, as their personal financial situation allows.

Those paying a full year in advance may take a two-month discount if they choose. For example, someone paying $20 a month would only have to pay $200 a year, if their payment was made in full and in advance.

The amount of your pledge may be adjusted at any time, if your personal financial circumstances change.

Students, the unemployed, elderly people on a fixed income, and military personnel may contact the Registration Secretary if they are unable to afford $20 a month. In certain situations, the secretary may agree to a lower amount.

Payment may be made by check drawn on a US bank, money order, pre-paid credit card or well-concealed cash. The NEW ORDER assumes no responsibility for cash pledges lost in the mail. Pay to New Order.

For a copy of the Registered Supporters Application Form or further information on the RS program, write:

Attn: Registration Secretary
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee, WI, 53227