The Pittsburgh Shooting

NEW ORDER Central Office

The attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27, which resulted in 11 Jews being killed and six people being wounded (including four law enforcement officers), has focused national attention on the pro-White movement. As is always the case in such high-profile incidents involving counter-Semites, we have been asked if we had any contact with the attacker, Robert Bowers.

Checking our records, we discovered that Bowers was not and never had been a Registered Supporter of the NEW ORDER, nor did he subscribe to our print publication, the NS BULLETIN. He has not attended any NEW ORDER meetings or public activities. Our archives go back for many years – decades, in fact. So far, an ongoing examination of our files has revealed no record of him at all, and the further we go back in time the less likely it is that we will find anything.

However, he recently became a follower of our Gab account, and on one occasion he reposted one of our messages. Here it is:

The cleverest & most successful maneuver made by the Jews in their war against #WhitePeople was to persuade the mass of ordinary Americans that pro-Whites are their enemies, and that Jews are their true friends.

It is as if (((they))) convinced people that firefighters were arsonists, and that arsonists were the true firefighters.


That is the total extent of our contact with this individual. We know nothing further about him, other than what has appeared in the mainstream media.

Let us take this opportunity to reaffirm our longstanding, permanent policy concerning illegal violence, armed struggle and terrorism:

It is not through random acts of violence and terrorism that White liberation will be achieved, but only through a disciplined campaign of winning the hearts and minds of our racial brothers and sisters to our Cause. We oppose all illegal violence, including attacks targeting Jews or other non-Aryan minorities.

We understand that many Whites today are pushed to the breaking point and beyond by the loss of their country and their culture, and by the looming specter of White genocide. Nevertheless, lashing out in an undisciplined and random manner is not helpful. It plays into the hands of our enemies by providing our foes with a propaganda bonanza with which to demonize the Movement in the eyes of the White population. Further, it gives the authorities a pretext for the illegitimate persecution of Movement leaders and activists.

Every action that we take as National Socialists – whether individually or collectively – must be evaluated from the following standpoint: “Does it aid or hinder our long-term goal of building National Socialism in America?” Illegal violence of any sort is counterproductive.


Source: This article appears in the November issue of the NEW ORDER UPDATE, internal newsletter of the NEW ORDER.

For the NEW ORDER on Gab, see:


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2 Responses to The Pittsburgh Shooting

  1. Just a reminder, there’s no direct evidence of any jews being killed, and we all know the historical track record of honesty when it comes to the tribe of “people.”


    • neworder says:

      All of the evidence that we have seen so far convinces us that there really was an attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11 Jews. However, we are also aware that Jews are the masters of media manipulation, and do not put anything past them. Either way, our stand on illegal violence remains the same: we are completely against it. Our ultimate goal is not to “terrorize” or scare our enemies, but to defeat them.


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