Why We Continue to Tell the Truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany


If we do not tell the truth about National  Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so?

By James Harting

On occasion, we receive the suggestion from people sympathetic to the NEW ORDER and to National Socialism that we would have more immediate success in building our Movement if we were to abandon our policy of openly championing Adolf Hitler and defending the historical record concerning National Socialist Germany. The Swastika, they explain to us, is “the most hated symbol in the world,” and that ordinary American Whites equate it with pure evil. Also, unlike for many Europeans, the word “socialist” has a negative connotation in the US. So, we are told, the smart thing for us to do would be to ditch Hitler, the Third Reich, the Swastika and the term “National Socialism.” Instead, we should simply explain our philosophy and our policies in a modern American context, without all the negative baggage associated with the past. Young, Alt-Right types, we are told, do not care about Mein Kampf or the bombing Dresden – they just want their country back.

Perhaps our day-to-day efforts in recruiting and spreading our message might be easier if we distanced ourselves from our essential National Socialist identity, and instead tried to “fit in” and “modernize” our approach. However, historically, we note that in the 1970s it was an open NS group, the National Socialist White People’s Party, that was the strongest, most successful NS formation in the US, in terms of membership, income and activism. Groups that shunned the open approach languished behind it. Yet by the 1990s, it was the National Alliance, which was not openly NS, that had taken the lead. Recently, one openly NS group has given up using the Swastika in the pursuit of greater mass acceptance – but since then, attendance at its public gatherings has dwindled. All theories aside, the historical record indicates that the open NS approach is not the kiss of death its critics maintain that it is, and that other factors, such as leadership, energy and organizational competence are more important.

So, if others want to promote National Socialism in an indirect manner, that is fine – but it is not for us.

To begin with, simply as practical matter, pretending to be something other than what we are just does not work. We can claim that we are not “Nazis,” and camouflage ourselves in any number of ways – but experience has taught us that this is never successful. In attempting to disguise ourselves, we do not fool the Jews or our other enemies. We do not fool the media. We do not fool the government or its spy agencies. In the end, they all know that we are “Nazis,” and that is how they will describe us and that is how they will treat us, no matter what cosmetic changes we employ. The only ones we end up fooling – if anyone – are the very White people we seek to bring in to the Movement. But our mandate is not to lie to our people about National Socialism, but rather to tell them the truth!

As George Lincoln Rockwell explained in his groundbreaking essay In Hoc Signo Vinces, if we abandon our Symbol and renounce the great men and women who died fighting for its victory, we also give up the enormous spiritual power and the tremendous publicity advantages that are inherent in the open advocacy of National Socialism. (See: https://wordpress.com/view/neworderorg.wordpress.com)

Beyond that, to adopt the “sneaky Nazi” route (as Commander Rockwell called it), would be to undermine the fundamental integrity of the Movement. We do not have a huge fortune at our disposal, nor do we have the support of powerful forces in the government or the military. We do not have a mass following consisting of millions of our fellow citizens, nor do we have a positive reputation in their eyes. We do not have effective access to a means of mass communication with which to broadcast our message. What we do have, however, is our integrity.

That is a word that you do not hear much anymore, and for good reason: the values of honesty, wholeness and incorruptibility that define it are completely at odds with the modern zeitgeist – the “spirit of the times.” Rather, in the decadent, degenerate, soon-to-be-gone final days of Western civilization, the ruling notion is that one should do whatever brings the maximum short-term success, regardless of whether one’s behavior is dishonest, immoral or just plain wrong. Shamelessness is the order of the day, or, to use the original Hebrew term, chutzpah.

But we National Socialists do not derive our code of behavior from the Old Order and its rotten value system. Rather, we find our values in the sacred precincts of our racial soul, in the innate religious stirrings of the Aryan personality. And there, honor, courage, loyalty and purity call to us. Let others take the path of least resistance in the name of temporary expediency; we prefer to be true to ourselves, no matter what the cost. If we abandon our sense of integrity, we lose the moral premise on which our struggle has always been based.

It is sometimes argued that the outcome of our mission is so important that we are justified in taking shortcuts to make ourselves superficially more-appealing to the masses. In the early 1920s, at the outset of his struggle, Adolf Hitler had already encountered similar arguments. He responded:

“Even then I always came out in taking a position in important questions of principle against all public opinion when it assumed a false attitude – disregarding all considerations of popularity, hatred or struggle. The NSDAP should not become the constable of public opinion but must dominate it. It must not become the servant of the masses but their master!” – Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter 6, pp. 464-465 (Manheim)

We cannot put it any clearer than that.

There is much that White people today – and especially young adults and teenagers – need to know about World War II and the era preceding it, whether they want to hear it or not. The world we live in today is direct consequence of that conflict and its tragic outcome. Had Hitler won, there would be no threat of White genocide, nor would there be the menace of a nuclear holocaust caused by the misdeeds of the Jews in occupied Palestine. As the American novelist William Faulkner put it, “The past is never dead. In fact, it’s not even past.”

Some people suggest to us that it would be better to let the Revisionists fight the battle of rectifying the historical record. One thing we quickly note is that “Revisionism” is not a unified movement; different Revisionist historians pursue different objectives, and sometimes they see things from a non-NS perspective that that is not necessarily friendly to us.

No, it is up to us to tell the truth about our Movement and its history, rather than to leave that up to others. Only we have both the objective knowledge and the subjective understanding necessary to explain our past, its significance and its meaning.

We know that everything was not perfect in Hitler’s Germany, and that it was never a completely realized National Socialist state (although things became better as the years passed, so that by 1944-1945 the development of a pure NS society was in an advanced state). We have a choice: do we emphasize the things that were done right, or do we focus on the shortcomings? The NEW ORDER, as a matter of fundamental policy, does not engage in petty, nit-picking criticism of Adolf Hitler or NS Germany. There are many, many mainstream historians who already do that. Rather, we focus on the positive aspects of the Third Reich and hold them up as shining examples of the society that we seek to build for future Aryan generations.

So, no, we are not going to abandon the Swastika, nor distance ourselves from Adolf Hitler. Rather, we will continue to tell the truth about the National Socialist era in Germany, and to proudly proclaim ourselves to be its heirs.

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12 Responses to Why We Continue to Tell the Truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany

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  2. A.S. says:

    Another excellent article from one of the few genuine National Socialist sites on the web that models itself on original National Socialist thinking and that has a code of Honour and Loyalty that the Fuhrer would be proud of.
    Here in England no matter how watered down Nationalism has been made or how liberal modernisers have presented Nationalism has done anything to appeal to the masses or done anything to stop the rot in society or prevented hundreds of thousands of non whites coming into England each year. We have a Muslim mayor of London, a muslin Home Secretary (with his eyes on the top job), a Lesbian London chief of police and a Government enslaved to Jewish power and money. All the political posturing and packaging from the right wing has failed.
    Keep up the good work, keep the Swastika flying and Heil Hitler.

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  5. Povilas says:

    How should in your opinion National-Socialists act in Germany and in other countries,were any open NS activity banned by the law?

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    • neworder says:

      That is a difficult question. Whether or not to break such immoral laws is a decision each comrade has to make for himself or herself. Some, like the heroic Ursula Haverbeck, choose to speak their mind, regardless of the consequences. Others prefer to promote National Socialism as best they can within the existing legal system. Each comrade has to weigh the dictates of their conscious against the chance of imprisonment. Are they more effective out of jail – or in jail as free speech martyr?

      Ultimately, banning open National Socialism makes the formation of an NS underground very likely – if not inevitable.

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      • Janus says:

        One only has to point out how Hitler’s imprisonment strengthened his conviction and furnished him with the opportunity to shape and evolve his worldview. For my part, I limit myself to quotations and aim for a quality readership, at the cost of publicity. Were I a German and living in different circumstances, things would be different. Hitler’s resurrection is fundamental. The one and only question that matters: who takes the time to really get to know him? Even his inner circle couldn’t fully penetrate into his mind.

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    • Ian Millard says:

      The answer in my view is to create a geographical area (or several areas) to which social nationalists (NS or otherwise) can relocate. Safe zones. I have blogged about this fairly extensively (as regards the UK) on my WordPress blog [sub nom ianrmillard]. Safe zones are the concentrations which Clausewitz recommended in the military context. Power can radiate out from such clusters.

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  7. SSkinHHead88 says:

    Excellent point about integrity. I am wary of any man who has a greater sense of aesthetics than of honesty. What is the logic of adopting a false kosher veneer to accommodate the ignorance of some longed-for ally who’s considered too oblivious to comprehend the nature of the group he’s in? What nonsense!
    I would not hide the swastika any more than I would hide the sacred altar of the gods because some will mistake me for a ‘devil worshipper’. I’ve seen people do both. A man’s conscience must govern his actions not the fear and ignorance of another man. ȣ 卐

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  9. staffordmotion says:

    I totally admire the heroic Ursula Haverbeck, even as an older, fragile women still proudly speaks the TRUTH! And those corrupt bastards in Germany want to put her in prison!! DISGUSTING!! At 89 years old she is still unrepentant and will not bow to the ZOG government even though she is in prison since May 7 this year. Everybody, everywhere needs to read the story of this great patriot who will never waver from telling the TRUTH even though they want to hold her in prison for 2 years! Please take the time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_Haverbeck !!!
    The evil bastard zionists will NEVER crush the true spirit of proud people who believe in NSDAP and the natural future of the Aryan Race!!!
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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