“The Will and Courage to Be Truthful”

by Martin Kerr

In a famous passage in his autobiography, This Time the World (1962), George Lincoln Rockwell recounts the moment he decided to found an open American National Socialist party. The date was March 8, 1959.

“With all this on my mind, I went to the post office one morning and found a big carton waiting for me…Inside I found, carefully and lovingly folded, a huge Nazi flag, eighteen feet long. It was one of the strokes of destiny I have come to expect.

“There was no doubt in my mind. I went home and hung the beautiful banner completely across the living room wall. In the center I mounted a plaque of Adolf Hitler. Then I placed a small bookcase under it, and set three candles burning in front, to make and altar to Adolf Hitler.

“I closed the blinds, lit the candles, and stood before my new altar. For the first time since I had lost my Christian religion, I experienced the soul-thrilling upsurge of emotion that is denied to our modern, sterile, atheist ‘intellectuals’ but which literally moved the Earth for countless centuries: ‘religious experience’…”

Commander Rockwell was describing that epiphany that many National Socialists have: the moment when they realize that beyond the racial, political and social dimensions of National Socialism is an entire spiritual dimension which is not accessible to outsiders.

I call your attention to the plaque that he mentions. Several photographs in the book show the plaque in the middle of the Swastika on an NS banner. None of them, however, shows the plaques in detail, and Commander Rockwell never refers to it again.

2018 March 018 stamped

Many years later, long after Lincoln Rockwell’s assassination, I saw the plaque hanging on a wall in the library of the National Socialist White People’s Party headquarters, where it was on display with other relics of Hitler’s Germany. When that headquarters was closed down in 1985, the plaque was packed away. It later reemerged in the NEW ORDER headquarters in Milwaukee, only to be put away again and forgotten about when that headquarters, too, was shuttered.

Today, I am happy to report that the plaque has been rediscovered. It made an appearance at the recent Rockwell Centennial celebration in Bloomington, where it once again took a place of honor on the Swastika flag.

But what, exactly, is on the plaque? Why did both commanders Rockwell and Koehl believe it to be so significant?

The plaque is made of bronze. It is 3¾ by 5½ inches in size. The top contains a relief image of Adolf Hitler shown in profile; at the bottom there is a Swastika. In between are the words,

“Die Vorausssetzung zur Tat ist der Wille und der Mut zur Wahrhaftigkeit.”

The translation is,

“The prerequisite for action in the will and the courage to be truthful.”

This is a citation from a speech given by the Führer in Munich in 1921, in the early days of the Movement, at its very beginnings. The Führer’s dictum encapsulates in 12 short words the moral basis for the National Socialist struggle.

Our enemies – without exception – practice the politics of the Lie. Their complete existence is nothing more than a structure of lies built on a foundation of lies. This is why they spread falsehoods without end and lie without shame. They are compelled to lie, because there is no truth in them.

Unlike our enemies, we are committed to the politics of Truth. That is the ethical foundation of our Movement. It precedes any policies that we adopt or actions that we take.

This is what Commander Rockwell realized at the beginning of his mighty effort. And it is a realization that conditions struggle of the NEW ORDER today and into the future.



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7 Responses to “The Will and Courage to Be Truthful”

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  2. Gordon C Kahl says:

    Thank you for an inspiring message to those of us who have been too timid to speak and act before.

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  3. J. Griffin says:

    The original first edition of ‘This Time the World’ shows a close-up of the plaque, but a better photo can be shown of it with Lincoln Rockwell standing before “Our first photo before the new flag” in subsequent editions.

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  4. I was there almost two weeks ago I was honored to have seen it and held it in my hands. A truly powerful relic of times gone by, a time when our race, at least as far as the Germans were concerned, live in a truly peaceful jew free world. Sieg Heil forever!! Truth is all we have these days, let us stand by the truth even when this sick, degenerate world tell us we are “racists, bigots, haters” ad nauseum!! Heil Hitler!!

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  5. George Wright says:

    This plaque is an inspiration to all of those who have National Socialist values. I wish the New Order would commission some copies and offer them for sale. I would certainly purchase one to hang in my library.

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