It’s Okay to Be White – Or Is It?

Tens of thousands (at least) of flyers, posters and stickers bearing the simple message “It’s okay to be White” have been distributed nationwide in recent months, either by lone individuals or by organized groups. The NEW ORDER has participated in this effort.

We must admit that we were unimpressed when the campaign to promote this message was first announced in October on the image board 4chan. It was suggested that slips of paper bearing the slogan be posted in public places on Halloween night. We thought that the message was weak and lame, down to the very type font chosen, and that it would pretty much be ignored by the general public. We were right in our analysis up to a point, but we underestimated the hatred and vitriol with which this slogan would be met by anti-Whites.

The universal reaction of our enemies been one of pure hatred. They have used the occasion of these flyers being posted to flood the Internet and college newspapers with anti-White venom of the most noxious sort. The reason behind this vitriolic reaction by Jews, Liberals, Marxists and the rest is that (1) They believe that it is NOT “okay to be White”; and (2) They recognize that the slogan subtly encourages positive White racial consciousness – something to which they are opposed under any conditions.

Rather, the anti-Whites believe that the White race is the “cancer of humanity” (to quote the Jewish extremist Susan Sontag), and that it should be “abolished” (quoting another Jewish extremist, Noel Ignatiev): that is, they want White people exterminated.

So, as mild an inoffensive as it appears to normal White people, to the anti-Whites it is a statement which runs contrary to everything that they are trying to accomplish. Consequently, when they see a flyer reading “It’s Okay To Be White” posted outside some campus library, their immediate reaction is one of outrage and anger. The flyer comes down and their blood pressure goes up. But they are unable to leave it at that: they have to vent their rage online to “warn” others of the danger posed by the flyer – which in their fury they describe as “hateful,” “hurtful” and “racist.” Their arrogant self-righteousness knows no bounds.

In consequence, countless thousands of White people who never saw the flyer are made aware of its message. But beyond that, these Whites are also made aware, most of them for the first time, that there are those who believe that being White is NOT okay, and who hate them simply because they are White.

* * *

This campaign is a form of asymmetric warfare, in which a weaker combatant uses the strength of a stronger combatant against them. It is a sort of political jiu-jitsu. To quote the Jewish Marxist Saul Alinksy, “the real action is the enemy’s reaction.” The whole campaign would have fizzled out without having any effect on its first day, if the anti-Whites would simply have held their tongues – but they could not do it. The result was that by their overreaction, the anti-Whites hurt their own cause. And they continue to do so.

The “It’s okay to be White” campaign is an example in miniature of the years-long struggle waged by National Socialist pioneer George Lincoln Rockwell. Although he had no money or other resources to speak of, Rockwell wanted to get his pro-White message out to the broad masses of White Americans. The news media, firmly under the control the Jews, wanted to suppress Rockwell’s message. But Rockwell designed a campaign that so outraged the Jews in the media that they were simply unable to ignore it. In consequence, they gave Rockwell millions and millions of dollars of free publicity, which gained him notoriety that he could have never achieved without their help.

So the NEW ORDER and other pro-Whites continue on with the effort to spread the message that it is okay to be White. If our enemies allow the message to go forth without opposition, the result will be an upturn in pro-White racial consciousness, for every White who sees such a poster or sticker will have their racial identity reinforced and validated. If the anti-Whites continue to attack the message (as seems likely), they will make increasing numbers of Whites aware that they are hated simply for being White – which will likewise strengthen their racial identity.

From a National Socialist standpoint, it is a win-win situation.

– James Harting


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10 Responses to It’s Okay to Be White – Or Is It?

  1. NewMan says:

    It’s ok to be white, it’s great to be Aryan.

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  2. it’s not only ok to be white, it’s great to be white, it’s amazing to be white, it’s marvelous to be white, it’s terrific to be white, it’s wonderful to be white…Sieg Heil!

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  4. Ralph14 says:

    Reblogged this on Florida Awaken.


  5. George Wright says:

    It’s great to be White. Too bad so many of our racial brothers and sisters don’t realize that.


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  7. Walter Ring says:

    It’s ALL RIGHT to be White!!!


  8. Kip Ustinov says:

    No one ever said it’s NOT ok to be White. Of course it is. No one ever said it’s NOT ok to be a man. However, I UNDERSTAND why women are mad.


    • neworder says:

      No, you are absolutely wrong about that. There are many anti-White extremists, especially in academia, who have stated very openly that it is NOT okay to be White. They claim that White DNA is evil, and that the White race should be exterminated. So a pushback against such vehement anti-White sentiment is very much in order!


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