Program of the National Socialist White People’s Party (1980)

[This program was written by Matt Koehl and Martin Kerr, who included material from George Lincoln Rockwell’s original 1959 program of the American Nazi Party. It first appeared in issue Number One of THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST (Summer 1980), theoretical journal of the World Union of National Socialists. We are aware that there are other bastardized versions of this program circulating on the Internet, but the text given here is reproduced from the original print edition, and is correct and complete.]


The National Socialist White People’s Party is a political organization of Aryan men and women in the United States and Canada, of all ages and social backgrounds, who recognize that National Socialism is the only world view capable of advancing the vital interests of the Aryan (White) people in a world which is becoming increasingly non-White. The Party fights for the creation of a National Socialist Aryan Republic on the North American continent. Ultimately, the Party struggles for the establishment of a worldwide New Order for the Aryan race under the auspices of the World Union of National Socialists, of which it is an affiliate.


We demand the union of all Aryans in North America in an Aryan Republic.

We believe that the Aryan population of this continent should be free, along with all peoples of good will, to pursue its separate destiny according to the principles of racial separation and racial solidarity in a sovereign state representing its vital needs and interests.


We demand that only those of Aryan blood be allowed to become citizens of the State. In the Aryan Republic, citizenship – and the rights that go along with it – will be conferred only on those Aryans who prove themselves worthy of it.

We believe that citizenship in an Aryan state should be an honor and a privilege, rather than a right which is gratuitously bestowed simply on the basis of birth or national residence, and that only those Aryans who show themselves deserving of it, and who are prepared to accept its accompanying responsibilities, should be granted it rights and benefits.


We demand the organization of society into a racial community which will embrace all Aryans, regardless of wealth or social background. We further demand that the State fight to eliminate every recognizable social evil and ensure social justice for every member of the racial community, including the right to decent housing, proper medical care and generous provision for old age.

We believe that a true community can function successfully only as a unified organic whole in which all members of society join together in a great common cause and in turn are accorded personal respect as well as equality of opportunity. We also believe that every honest, hardworking citizen deserves to live decently with full protection against all unforeseeable material disasters beyond his control. Finally, we believe that an enlightened community must make the health and well-being of all its members a matter of priority concern, and that anything which interferes with the smooth and harmonious functioning of society must be ruthlessly suppressed – whether it be poverty, social injustice, class warfare, crime, sexual perversion, drug-peddling or any form of antisocial activity.


As the foundation of any sound society, we recognize the supreme importance of a healthy farming community. Accordingly, we demand protection of the family farm by eliminating speculation in land and commodities, and by assuring a stable market and fair prices for the farmer, as well as the consumer. We further demand that qualified young couples be given the opportunity for mortgage-free homesteading on land now held by large corporate interests.

We believe that farming is more than a mere economic proposition, that in fact it represents a way of life vital to the community as a whole, and that its real value lies not only in producing food, but in providing social, racial and environmental stability while serving as a constant source of spiritual renewal for Man in close rapport with Nature. Hence, we believe that a famer’s land and the fruits of his labor must remain inviolate and above commercial speculation and exploitation, just as the economic viability of the family farm must be reestablished so that significantly larger numbers of our people can once again find a good life upon the land.


We demand a strengthening of the family unit, as an indispensable cornerstone of a healthy Aryan society. Towards this goal, we further demand the Motherhood be elevated from the position of low esteem which it occupies today to a position where it is universally recognized as the noblest profession to which any Aryan woman may aspire.

We believe that a sound and orderly society requires a stable family unit, with defined relationships between the sexes s well as between parent and child. We also believe that Aryan men and Aryan women have distinctive but complimentary roles to play and that just as the man is the natural breadwinner and warrior, so the woman is the natural homemaker. We further recognize the importance of the unique role that nature has assigned to the woman as the creator of the next generation of racial life, and consequently believe that a special degree of respect be accorded her as mother. Finally, we believe that the man, as head of the household, should be able to provide for his family without requiring his wife to abandon home and children in order to compete in the job market out of economic necessity.


We demand the establishment of a new educational system which will place strong emphasis on the physical and moral development of our young people, as well as on the training of their mental abilities, and which will instill in every young Aryan an all-important set of racial values.

We believe that youth represents the future of our race, and that in its fitness and ability lie our hopes for the future. Therefore, we believe it is the duty of the State to see to the development of our young people in a thorough and well-rounded manner, recognizing that in the long run a healthy mind can only dwell in a healthy body, and that along with training of intellect there must be a rigorous physical and character training. We believe, finally, that an education can only be considered complete when it succeeds in burning into the heart and mind of the young Aryan the supreme importance of the racial idea.


We demand the creation of an honest, self-sufficient, debt-free economy based only on the productive capacity of the Aryan worker, which will guarantee conditions of full employment and price stability. We also demand public control of all banking and credit institutions as well as all utilities and monopolies, confiscation of all conglomerate holdings, cancellation of all usurious debt, comprehensive profit sharing in all basic industries, and the institution of a national program of interest-free loans for families, farmers and small businessmen.

We believe that the proper function of the economy is to serve the needs of the people, not to make profits for the big bankers and the huge multinational corporations. We also believe that honest work is the only legitimate basis for wealth – not speculation, usury or money manipulation – and that a sound economic system must not rest on debt or some extraneous meta, but on the productivity of the Aryan worker alone. We further believe that money is properly a medium of exchange and a store of value, not a commodity like bread or steel, and that therefore money and credit should not be issued for profit, but to serve the legitimate needs of the people without interest. Finally, we believe that it is unnecessary for any rational society to suffer unemployment when there is work to be done and people who need jobs.


It is our goal that the Aryan Republic be totally self-sufficient in energy, and that the types of energy it employs be non-polluting. Towards these ends, we demand a phasing out of all forms of energy which befoul the environment, such as coal, petroleum and nuclear fission. To replace them, we demand an immediate and massive program to develop new, clean energy sources.

We believe that Aryans deserve to live in a healthy environment, with clean air, clean water and clean land. We also believe that the reasonable energy needs of our people must be met. At the same time, we do not believe that the environment should be sacrificed for quick profit, cheap economic growth or an extravagant lifestyle. We believe in honoring, not despoiling, Nature. We firmly believe that with the wonderful resources of the North American continent at its disposal, Aryan genius is fully capable of developing those sources of energy we need – from the Sun, the Earth, the wind and the water – without disturbing the natural order.


We demand that the State encourage and promote every genuine form of Aryan cultural expression. We also demand that the State subsidize pure scientific research as well as the exploration of Outer Space. We further demand the removal of alien cultural influences from the cultural life of the Aryan community, and the elimination of the cult of ugliness known as “modern art” and “modern music.”

We believe that the highest freedom is the freedom of the Aryan soul to express and manifest itself without interference through works of creative genius. Toward this end, we believe that the whole community must lend its enthusiastic and unstinting support. We also believe that the State bears a special responsibility to protect the racial soul from the harmful effects of distorting alien influences – in art, literature, music, drama, entertainment, education and scientific inquiry – and to establish those standards by which true Aryan character and ideals can be reflected, and the questing spirit of our race expressed.


We demand a foreign policy based solely on the long-term interests of the Aryan race. In order effectively to pursue such a policy, we demand the creation of a powerful military force capable of defending the Aryan Republic against all aggressors, as well as to protect its interests abroad.

We believe that the proper function of an Aryan foreign policy is to serve the needs of our own people. We do not believe that it should be our concern to tell other peoples and countries how to live or manage their own affairs, so long as they do not threaten vital Aryan interests. We do believe, however, that the Aryan race has an inherent right to employ whatever means necessary to ensure its safety and survival. Toward that end, we believe that a resolute commitment to armed defense on the part of every citizen is more important that the most sophisticated weapons. At the same time, we believe that the Aryan Republic should undertake to forge a fraternal community of Aryan nations as a new force for order, stability and understanding in the world.


We demand that the State aggressively strive for the continual improvement of the Aryan race through positive eugenic measures, especially through encouraging the propagation of the highest racial elements within the Aryan Republic. We also demand that steps be taken to halt the spread of hereditary defects and racially impure blood within the gene pool of the racial community.

We believe that our most precious asset is our racial resources. We believe that these resources provide the basis for all true progress and must not only be preserved but culled and improved. We do not believe that Man has reached the upper limits of his development but believe that through intelligent breeding it is possible for him to attain the full potential which Nature has allotted him. We further believe that in the Nordic ideal we share a common vision of the direction in which our race must evolve, just as in the elevation of mankind to nobler heights we see a challenge which is worthy of the finest idealism of every member of the racial community.


We demand that the State take an active part in the spiritual life of the racial community. Our people must be turned away from their present path of materialism, cynicism, and egoism and become inspired by the racial idealism and rebirth of traditional Aryan values.

We believe that the material life of a healthy, organic society is inseparable from its spiritual life. Therefore, we believe that the State bears an obligation to minister to the spiritual, as well as the material needs of the racial community. We also believe that the unity and cohesion of a people rests on having common set of values and ideals which can shape its moral outlook and provide the basis for its lifestyle and culture. We further believe that Aryans must find their spiritual roots in the depths of their own soul, rather than in the traditions and values of another race. Finally, we believe that our people must once again come to recognize and respect those immutable laws of Nature, which re the expression of the eternal will of that Force which orders this Universe and conditions our own destiny.


The program of the National Socialist White People’s Party is not an election platform. The preceding twelve points were not developed for the purpose of attempting to conjure up a majority of votes in some rigged democratic popularity contest. Consequently, these points will not be altered at regular four-year intervals in a futile attempt to accommodate every passing whim and fancy of a selfish, fickle and political ignorant electorate.

Likewise, the Party has not adopted this program in order to institute a series of reforms aimed at propping up or revamping the malignant Jewish-dominated System which has done so much injury and injustice to the Aryan population of North America.

The purpose of this program is to provide a blueprint for a National Socialist state on this continent. Such a state – and only such a state – will lead to that glorious rebirth of our people which we all seek. Thus, we frankly and proudly declare ourselves to be revolutionaries, whose sole goal is to build a New Order, and in so doing to smash the old one.

The membership of the Party is completely cognizant of the profound and historic nature of the task facing it and will conduct itself accordingly. For the fulfillment of this program – both in letter and, more importantly in spirit – we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


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7 Responses to Program of the National Socialist White People’s Party (1980)

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  2. Rob Ark. says:

    My own personal comment would be, magnificent, spiritual, and extraordinary! What a program it would be for the Western world and this once beautiful country now slowly decaying like a cancer devouring the beauty of this once great country. But such a program as the new order did come through it would become like a heaven on earth for all white people of the world! In the mud races would be placed in their own primitive on development countries which they came from which they belong in.


  3. Povilas says:

    You should contact youtuber Brian Ruhe, who iš fan of Matt Koehl and Hitler Faith. I think you should combine strength! Make video in wich you would make discussion about how National-Socialists and supporters of New Order must act. Later make contact, with Russian NS- Slavic Union and publish clear answer- Why National-Socialists in United States and arownd the World must not support NATO imperialism and pseudo-National-Socialists as “Right Sector” in Ukraine. +Russia of present day,very diffrent from stalinist USSR! Situation desperate, but we must act!


  4. EdiusMagic says:

    Dear Administrator,
    There exists another version of N.S.W.P.P. program that was printed in the Liberty Bell magazine in 1996 (posted here, and it differs to a significant degree from the one that you have posted. Could you explain the difference in a few words and say if the Liberty Bell version should be regarded as a bastardized one as well?


    • neworder says:

      Sometime in the late 1980s or 1990s someone attempted to form a new group also called the National Socialist White Peoples Party. This new NSWPP was completely unconnected with the original party founded by Lincoln Rockwell. The version of the NSWPP 12-point program reproduced in the Liberty Bell was the program of this other group, which never amounted to anything, as it was essentially nothing more than one person with a post office box address. The version we reproduced on the NEW ORDER blog is the authentic and original version of the program.

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