We’re in It for the Long Haul

I ran into an old Movement comrade whom I had not seen in a while.

“How’s the NEW ORDER doing?” he asked me.

“Progress is slow, but we’re in it for the long haul,” I replied.

Indeed, one thing that sets the NEW ORDER apart from most other racialist formations is its realistic sense of perspective regarding the length of time that will elapse before we can put our ideas into effect on a large scale.

While some overly optimistic racialists imagine that the decline of our Race and nation can be reversed in short order, the NEW ORDER is under no such delusion. There is no quick fix and no magic bullet, and there will be no sudden turnaround. When we consider the racial struggle to come, we should think in terms decades and generations, not in terms of news cycles, election cycles or years. And we should plan accordingly.

* * *

In the late 1970s, Matt Koehl was the commander of the National Socialist White People’s Party. He had taken over party leadership after the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell a decade earlier. He had achieved considerable success in building up the NSWPP as a mass-oriented political formation. But at some point – I do not know exactly when – he had a revelation. He came to realize that American Whites (then over 80 percent of the population) were inevitably going to slide to minority status. The demographic trends were such that at some point in the mid-21st the White people of America would be outnumbered in their own country. There was nothing that he or anyone else could do about it.

This farsighted realization was a key factor in his decision to dissolve the NSWPP. He knew that any racialist political party or political strategy that was predicated on Whites being a majority in the US was doomed to failure. Instead, he reorganized the party as vanguard formation – the NEW ORDER – which would plan for the day when American Whites would be truly besieged.

For this was another insight that Koehl had: that falling to minority status would not be the end of the racial struggle for our people, but only its beginning.

* * *

It saddened me, in a way, to see the naïve enthusiasm with which many well-meaning Movement comrades embraced the candidacy of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump’s bluster and bravado, with all his tough talk about immigration and political correctness, allowed many in the racial movement to believe that he was the great White hope for whom they had been waiting.

Now, a mere nine months into his presidency, these same people are experiencing “voter’s regret.” Trump, they now realize, was not who he presented himself to be.

But even if he had been the secret White Nationalist many had hoped for, he would have been unable to reverse the decline of America and the West.

For there can be no reversal, at least not in the way that many envision. There will be no restoration of the American constitutional republic, nor of the glories of Western civilization. The forces pulling us down have caused us to reach such societal velocity that a complete collapse of the West unavoidable. And it is not just the numerical decline of the White population that is leading to this collapse, but also its cultural decline, its social decline, and its decline in fundamental values.

But the somber acceptance of the end of the West should not be a cause for despair or demoralization, for the survival of our civilization is not what matters most, but rather our survival as a race. We can always erect new buildings, sculpt new statues, compose new music, paint new masterpieces and write new poems and novels. But once our bloodline has disappeared, it will be gone forever.

These realizations condition the strategy of the NEW ORDER in planning for the future. For example, we are constantly advised that we will never get a majority of White people to support us until we abandon the Swastika, stop praising Adolf Hitler, and get rid of the term “National Socialism.” But we are not trying to recruit a majority of ordinary Whites into our organization, but rather a key minority of extraordinary Aryans.

As Adolf Hitler himself writes in Mein Kampf, “World history is made by minorities, when this numerical minority embodies a majority of will and determination” (Volume II, Chapter 2, p. 399 Manheim translation).

These extraordinary types are those men and women who have the mental acuity, the spiritual strength and the moral courage to throw off the sick values of the sick society that is dragging our race to its destruction. In common parlance, these are the ones who are “woke” or who have been “red-pilled.” And by definition, this racial elite will not be put off by Adolf Hitler or the Swastika.

We are not trying to seize the reins of government, or win a majority of votes in some rigged democratic popularity contest. Rather, we are digging in for a protracted struggle for our survival as a people. We pace ourselves accordingly, for this struggle is a marathon race, not a sprint.

We are not hermits. We pay attention to the world around us. We actively strive to build a functioning National Socialist community within American society. We spread our message to our racial brothers and sisters outside the Movement and we recruit new cadres into our ranks and train them.

But we are not deluded into believing that there is a short-term solution to the enormous, deep rooted problems that confront our Race. We are more pragmatic than that.

We are in it for the long haul.

– Martin Kerr, NEW ORDER Chief of Staff


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16 Responses to We’re in It for the Long Haul

  1. judomonkMDM says:

    I totally agree with you. I gave up thinking we will vote our why out of this mess MANY years ago. Now, I mainly try to develop my body, mind and spirit for the conflicts to come. For our peoples/cultures to survive we must seek inner enlightenment. Our movement must become religious, Esoteric Hitlerism, Black Sun…, to draw those that can hear on the right path and keep them.

    We have been fighting the same enemy for a VERY long time… Our struggle is cosmic.


  2. John says:

    I first became aware of the New Order when I lived in Arlington, VA in the early 1980s. I must admit that in my youthful naiveté in those days I was a bit disappointed that the organization no longer wore uniforms or had Stormtroopers. That, coupled with New Order’s move to Wisconsin, dissuaded me from becoming a supported at that time. However, over the years I never forgot the New Order and with the advent of the Internet always kept tabs on it. I have matured considerably since those salad days and have now come to take the long view and accept the reality of the long haul. As Rockwell said, he knew he would not live to see victory in his lifetime, but he would not first pass from life without making that future victory certain. The privilege of being able to carry and pass the torch of Adolf Hitler’s struggle is all the reward a true National Socialist needs. I recall once seeing an old NSWPP poster that read, “We’re ready when you are!” And so you are! Thanks to Matt Koehl, the New Order stayed alive over the years, patiently waited for stragglers like me to grow in wisdom and finally catch up. Heil Hitler!


  3. A.S. says:

    The end of the ‘West’ came with the defeat of National Socialist Germany and the death of Adolf Hitler. Everything since then has been in free fall and despite the tremendous hard work and heroism of certain individuals the downward spiral of the West has continued unabated. The only thing that still scares the enemy and puts them in a frenzy of hysteria is even an inkling of a positive word or revelation about the Fuhrer and National Socialist Germany.

    This site is very important as it keeps alive genuine NS ideas and history and does not let the original idea become polluted by liberal thought, apologies and other corruptions of the original belief. Keep up the good work.


    • judomonk says:

      Just wondering how long we have left? I can remember back in the 60-70s growing up. Never in my darkest deems, did I or could I of imagined the pure evil that has fallen the white nations. We have become sick… physically, mentally and spiritually. All be design of course. We truly live in a world dominated by evil and with each passing day grows more powerful with being viewed, via the masses, as their new norm.

      Odd as it may seem, I often find myself daydreaming about some major catastrophe befalling earth that enables the restart button.


      • neworder says:

        The rate of societal decline is accelerating, and every day that passes our task as National Socialists becomes harder. But there is a tremendous resiliency in our Race, and our future as a people is yet to be decided. A complete collapse is probably a generation or more away, and as long as there is a viable breeding population of 10,000 or more pure-blooded Aryans somewhere in the world, there is always possibility of a racial resurgence.

        It is hard to watch the decline of our once-proud race. As recently as a century ago, we controlled 95 percent of the surface of the globe, either directly or indirectly. Now, we control little more that the ground each of us stands on at any given moment.

        It is important to keep in mind that while we are not responsible for what others do, we are absolutely responsible for our own actions.

        The duty of every National Socialist is to stand fast and carry on the racial struggle without fear, without demoralization, and without mercy.


  4. judomonk says:

    Our battle is FAR greater than just color of skin…


  5. George Wright says:

    My sincere admiration for John. I hope that there are many more individuals who arrive at the same conclusion as they mature.


    • Brent Hughes says:

      George there are many more, but also so many who are complacent, comfortable and have no idea what they want. They have lost their identity. The would rather side with who is the loudest yet least effective for the smallest amount of change. It makes it worse. In all of my years the New Order is the only movement that I have supported. However; even in my support I too have been complacent and did not follow up on additional questions. To Quote “New Order” above how do members know that there is “a viable breeding population of 10,000 or more pure-blooded Aryans somewhere in the world, there is always possibility of a racial resurgence.” Do we not all long for a community of resurgence yet watch from the sideline? Yet we know that violence, politics and persuasion is not the answer as over the last 60 years it has fell on deaf ears. The United States and the world is in a freefall and by 2050 it will be almost impossible to find a white person. The environment will change and as I have read and discussed Society will die out Is the white race worth saving as we know it? Honestly, no. Nature will take it’s toll between 2080 and 2100. We will have to start over or continue to build on what has already begun. This is not information I would have knowledge of, but wish that I did. A community already being built one generation at a time into what we all want. It is not impossible but we all know now what works and what does not. I would put everything I had into a community of like minded family to build that community the right way. I was in the military and yes I also believe that the United States fought on the wrong side as do other countries. This is where we are and the New Order must be protected the right way. I remain hopeful and want to continue to fully support the New Order. I know I will not live to see the Victory either but I know that it can be achieved to bring about something beautiful once again. This time protect it, strengthen it and keep it within the community where it belongs for future generations.


      • neworder says:

        You ask, “is the White race worth saving as we know it?” Certainly today, taken as a whole, our people are in a debased, degenerate state. But of the 300 million or more Whites alive today, there are tens of millions of valuable Aryan brothers and sisters who ARE worth saving. Survival is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is earned by those who are willing to fight for it. The goal of the NEW ORDER and the World Union of National Socialists is not to save every human being alive today who has pale skin, but rather to identify the most valuable elements of Aryan humanity and provide a “lifeboat” for them that will allow them to survive the coming collapse of the West. When we speak of those who are “most valuable,” we include in terms of “value” not just intelligence and biological fitness, but most importantly, strength of racial instinct. As for those Whites too stupid, too weak or too cowardly to fight for their own survival, or who have poor racial instincts, we have only one word to say: “Good-bye!”


  6. Brent Hughes says:

    I apologize for my grammatical errors above in response to George and use of the word white rather than Arayan. The following is the approach that is common place even as late as the Florida Campus speech by Richard Spencer. Open, Confrontational, Persuasive Movements are just that and nothing more. I will continue to fully support the New Order.

    “But rather than quietly organizing German-American support for Hitler’s Germany – which is what Hess undoubtedly had in mind – Spanknoebel proceeded to build an open, confrontational NS movement that mirrored the early history of the NSDAP. The Friends held uniformed marches and rallies that sometimes ended in bloody brawls with Jews and communists. When there was an outbreak of vandalism directed against synagogues, Jewish merchants and Jewish cemeteries, the FND was blamed. Much of the FND’s operations were conducted in the German language, which left many Americans thinking that the group was foreign, un-American and somewhat sinister. The publicity generated by the FND was unrelentingly negative. Rather than building sympathy for the New Germany, the overall impression it gave was that it was a subversive group that owed its allegiance to a foreign government.”


    • neworder says:

      Well, the situation in the US in 2017 is different from what it was in 1937. The Movement has to be flexible in its tactical approach. Sometimes confrontation is appropriate, other times, it is counterproductive. The question that must be asked in each situation is: “Will this activity strengthen the Movement in the long run or not?”


  7. John Veach says:

    I believe our decline has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, the black and brown hordes have the numbers but we have the guns. Like The Doors song, but in reverse. Blacks, traditionally, don’t have the survival skills needed for all out war. Nor the Chinese, or Hispanics. Of course we all know the Jew relies on the unsuspecting/naive White to be his champion or stand-in. So, that leaves us. I’m very confident in our abilities to “Outwit, Outlast” our enemies. Moreover, I agree with John, George, and a few other’s comments- we don’t need 10 million soldiers to win. Just a handfull of committed, loyal, and smart activists can truly turn things around. The Fuhrer began in desolate barrooms, and so we must as well. But we shout on websites, college campuses, and here amoungst ourselves to reignite and shake each other back into the fight. Herr Kerr has it right. The long haul must be our mentality, besides let our enemies believe in our demise. It will only make victory more sweeter!


  8. Darin James says:

    The other day I walked through a crowded shopping center mall and right passed Santa’s work shop. In the line were Chinese communists and inside on Santa’s knee, a Muslim Refugee. If it wasn’t so sick I would have laughed, looks like I have become racially aware.
    Canadians are every bit as disgusted as our American friends, I read everything The New Order puts out and appreciate all you do.

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    • Brent Hughes says:

      It’s all pretty sickening. In Memphis, TN local black teens and parents organize Flash Mob attacks at the Wolfchase Mall. They show up in the hundreds dropped off by parents. The local police are there but they distract them and when they run upstairs to break up fights the black tens start attacking white people including young kids. The most recent resulted in a shooting moments later outside the mall. There is another Flash Mob event scheduled for 1/5/2018 at the Wolfchase Mall. What can be done to top this without hindering the movement and our cause. Is this a time for violence? This cannot be allowed to continue but what course of action strengthens our resolve. How can we save our race if it is being executed without consequences? I stepped in to help a 12 year old being beaten by a group of black teens. Cowards.


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