The Spirit of 1776

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

National Socialist News Service

Is the NEW ORDER’s vision of a White, National Socialist America a realistic possibility, or is it just a hopeless daydream?

Speak with any National Socialist who has experience in organizing and recruiting and they will give you the same report: It is common to hear racially-aware Whites opine that a National Socialist America sounds great in theory, but that in practice it is an impossibility, because “White Americans just won’t go for it.”

Say these defeatists, our racial brothers and sisters have been too brainwashed by the schools and the media against National Socialism, and they have been made too soft and too degenerate from decades of easy living. Furthermore, today’s Whites are hypnotized by materialism and in general are too apathetic to their racial future to embrace the hard, radical solutions the NEW ORDER offers.

Additionally, the defeatists correctly note that White numbers are shrinking: in 1960 the US was about 90 percent White, whereas now it is only 60 percent – and dropping every day. There is, they glumly tell us, no way that we can win a majority of the vote with these numbers.

But is the situation really as hopeless as the defeatists maintain? Is our only realistic option to throw up our hands in despair? Is supporting a slow death of our race, as opposed to a quick death, the best we can hope for?

No, the defeatists are wrong – dead wrong. There is still hope for the White people of America, provided a determined minority of racially conscious Whites come together under the banner of National Socialism and act in a swift and concerted manner.

It may, in fact, be impossible for us to vote our way out of the mess we are in. But our survival need not be determined by whether or not we can achieve a majority of votes in some election. And in any event, numbers aside, the electoral system itself is always rigged so that White people lose no matter which candidate wins.

But the electoral path is not the only option open to us. There is another way forward for us as a people, that of White revolution.


What would happen if the White men of today
Were made of iron, instead of clay?

Indeed, our own American history provides us with an inspiring example of how the revolutionary heroism of a tiny minority can overcome the dead weight of a sluggish and apathetic majority.

The numbers are only approximate, but the tale they tell is true: at the time of the American Revolution there were 2.5 million Whites living in the 13 colonies. About one-third of these favored independence, a second third were opposed to it, and the last third did not care about it one way or the other.

And even among the one-third who supported independence, only about 10 percent stepped forward to actively participate in the revolutionary struggle. A mere 75,000 men and women were willing to physically defy the British Crown, which was then the number one super-power in the world. That number was only a tiny three percent of the total population of the colonies. Three percent!

No, the revolutionaries did not have the majority of the country behind them, and among those who did support their struggle, only one in ten were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. And yet, with much sacrifice and against all odds, this three percent prevailed.

The reality is that a revolution is not an election, and you do not need a majority vote to win it.

Many years later, and a continent away, Adolf Hitler noted in Mein Kampf that,

World history is made by minorities, when this numerical minority embodies a majority of will and determination. (Volume II, Chapter 2, page 399 in the Manheim translation)

No, our struggle is not hopeless, despite the daunting odds that we face. A White, National Socialist America is a real possibility – but only if those men and women who believe in the future of the race are willing to step forward and act in an organized and disciplined manner. It may be that we will never get 51 percent of the vote in a national election; that may be beyond us. But it is certainly within the realm of possibility for us to rally a heroic three percent of the population around the Swastika banner of our race.

Think it over, racial brothers and sisters: are you ready to commit yourself to such a struggle? Think it over – but do not take too long, because every day that you delay lengthens the odds against us.

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