NEW ORDER News Update (September 2017)

50th Anniversary of George Lincoln Rockwell’s
Assassination Marked by Two Days of Action

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of American National Socialism, was marked by two days of action in Northern Virginia, August 25 & 26. National Socialists from the Central Office were joined by other activists for both public and private events.

The first activity was a wreath-laying at the assassination site. This was timed to take place precisely 50 years to the minute from the time when Commander Rockwell fell. A delegation of NEW ORDER supporters walked in procession to the site, which is in the Dominion Hills shopping center in Arlington. The National Socialists marched beneath a traditional Swastika banner. A brief ceremony was held at the site. Chief of Staff Martin Kerr gave a short address, which was followed by an 88-second silent salute. The comrades then departed in good order. They encountered no hostility from the startled civilians who watched the event.

As in keeping with the guidelines for NEW ORDER public activities announced in NS BULLETIN 351,  neither the media nor the police were notified in advance, nor did we advertise the event online. Consequently, the activity was held without harassment of any kind.

However, private individuals observing the ceremony took cell phone photographs of the event, which were quickly picked up by the news media. Consequently, articles and photos of the event appeared in the Washington Post, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, numerous local publications and the UK Daily Mail, resulting in substantial worldwide publicity for the NEW ORDER. (See:

After the ceremony at the assassination site, some of the NEW ORDER supporters drove to nearby George Mason Drive, where they displayed a huge streamer reading “LINCOLN ROCKWELL LIVES” to passing motorists

That evening, a formal National Socialist meeting was held at a private location in honor of Commander Rockwell.

The next day was taken up by an extensive leadership seminar, private discussions and other internal meetings.

A full report, including photographs, will appear in the next NS BULLETIN, which is now under construction.

NEW ORDER Action Team Attends Charlottesville Event

A NEW ORDER action team attended the pro-White gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12. The comrades displayed a 10-foot banner reading “LOVE YOUR RACE” and handed out business cards to interested persons.

Brooklyn, NY, Distribution Makes the News

A low-key targeted distribution of NEW ORDER cards garnered significant media exposure in Brooklyn, NY, in August. A Jew who found one of the cards complained to the media about it, which resulted in an article in the Bklyner [sic] publication, which has a total print and online circulation of 250,000. The article featured a larger-than-life reproduction of our business card, including our postal address. (See:


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