NEW ORDER Statement on the Charleston Shooting

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The NEW ORDER wishes to take this opportunity to reinforce what all National Socialist oldfighters already know: it is not through random acts of violence and terrorism, but only through a disciplined campaign of winning the hearts and minds of our racial brothers and sisters, that White liberation will be achieved.

We understand that many White people today are pushed to the breaking point by loss of their country and their culture, and by the looming specter of White genocide. Nevertheless, lashing out in an undisciplined and random manner is not helpful. It plays into the hands of our enemies by providing our foes with a propaganda bonanza with which to demonize the Movement in the eyes of the White population. Further, it gives the authorities a pretext for unlawful persecution of the Movement activists and leaders. We call on all National-Socialists to reject racial terrorism and stay the course of legal struggle, for as long as that is practicable.

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