National Socialist Values

Friday, 17 July 2015

We believe that quality is better than equality, and that:
Bravery is better than cowardice;
Strength is better than weakness;
Intelligence is better than stupidity;
Health is better than sickness;
Integrity is better than corruption;
Confidence is better than indecision;
Purity is better than pollution;
Hope is better than despair;
Fertility is better than sterility;
Energy is better than laziness;
Honor is better than shame;
Defiance is better than submission;
Self-sacrifice is better than greed;
Loyalty is better than treachery;
Commitment is better than apathy;
Faith is better than cynicism;
Truth is better than falsehood;
Beauty is better than ugliness;
Pride is better than guilt;
Work is better than theft;
And we believe that the future of our Race will be as glorious as its past.

Source: White Power: The Revolutionary Voice of National Socialism, issue 101, 1982. White Power was the mass distribution tabloid of the National Socialist White People’s Party.

Comments by James Harting: If you read down the left side of the list, you see the values of the New Order that we are fighting to establish for Aryankind.

If, however, you read down the right side of the list, you will see the dominant values of the Old Order which we seek to overthrow and destroy.

We have been told many times over that it is not possible to establish National Socialism in the US (and other White nations) because “Americans just won’t go for it.” But if you read this list to any ordinary (that is, non-NS) White person, you will find that they are in full agreement, not just with one or two or ten of the listed values, but rather with the whole list!

What White people “won’t go for” is not true National Socialism, but rather the distortion and misrepresentation of it that they have been force-fed by those powers which seek Aryan extinction.


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