National Socialism for Newcomers

Sunday, 9 August 2015

We are pleased to note the sharp spike in visits to this site. Many of those visiting us for the first time have had no previous firsthand contact with, or knowledge of, National Socialism. Rather, all that they know about it (or think that they know), comes from hostile sources, who have shamelessly distorted and misrepresented the National Socialist worldview.

These liars claim that National Socialism is based on racial hatred. They falsely charge that it stands for the murder, persecution and exploitation of people of color, and for the extermination of the Jews. They pretend that National Socialism favors an intolerant dictatorship that denies ordinary citizens their civil rights. In short, they want people – and especially White people – to believe that National Socialism is the incarnation of all evil, and that a National Socialist state would be hell on earth.

The enemies of National Socialism get away with telling such outrageous falsehoods because they know that most Whites have little or no access to the truth on this subject.

Those who visit this site, however, are fortunate, for they will be able to judge National Socialist ideas and goals for themselves. By exploring this site, both the “News & Commentary” section and the other pages, you will be able to examine NS ideas and policies for yourself. You can compare true National-Socialism with the grotesque caricature of it that you have been force-fed in school and through the mass media. Such an examination will allow you to make an informed appraisal of our Movement and its core beliefs.

To start with, we suggest that you read the “About” section.

For a concise definition of contemporary National Socialism, we recommend “What Is National Socialism?”

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