Horrific Video Documents the Invasion of Europe by Non-White Hordes

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

If you watch only one video this year, let it be this one!

Europe has been the homeland of White people since before the dawn of history. All Whites can trace their ancestry to it. Now it is being swarmed by hordes of non-White invaders, euphemistically termed “refugees,” “migrants” or “asylum seekers” by the mass media and the political establishment of the Old Order.

This is not the first time that the European motherland has faced being overrun by non-Whites. Many times in the past dusky-hued invaders have sought to storm the ramparts of our ancestral homeland, only to be turned back by the military might and the courage of White defenders.

• In 451, the Asiatic Huns under Attila are defeated by the Romans and Visigoths at the Battle of Châlons, in France;
• 732 – Charles Martel, king of the Franks, turns back an Islamic invasion from North Africa at the Battle of Tours;
• 1492 – Queen Isabella expels the Moors from Spain, ending the Islamic threat to Western Europe;
• 1529 – The Germans throw back an attempt by the Turks to storm into Central Europe at the Siege of Vienna;
• 1683 – The Turks are decisively defeated at the Battle of Vienna during their second effort to conquer Europe

The reason that the White race still exists today is because each of these invasions was thwarted by the force of arms. But now, in 2016, White Europe faces a different threat. Millions of non-Whites from Southwestern Asia, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa are flooding into Aryan nations in Central and Northern Europe, not in military formation as in past centuries, but deceptively in the guise of “peaceful immigrants” who are merely “seeking a better life for their families.”

That is what the media and the political establishment tells us – but it is a lie. Just as in previous centuries, this is an invasion, the goal of which is conquest, not “peaceful assimilation.” And the end goal of this invasion is the eventual replacement of the existing White peoples of Europe with non-Whites, and the extinction of White culture.

The following documentary video chronicles the first stages of this invasion. It shows you the horrifying reality that is being kept from you by the political and media elites.

You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this video:

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