Close the Border!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The United States was settled by White people as an extension of European civilization and culture. Since its inception, it has been a country of, by and for Whites. But now American Whites are declining to minority status in their own country. According to the Washington Post, Whites will become a minority population in the US by the year 2050. Many observers, however, feel that the racial crisis is much worse than that, and that White minority status is only years away, not decades. Already, White children are a minority of elementary school pupils.


One reason that Whites are on the skids to minority status is the low White birthrate. White Americans, in fact, have a negative birthrate: more Whites die each year than there are White children being born. A greater immediate danger, however, is the flood of non-White immigrants pouring into the US. Consequently, the Number One priority in saving White America is to close the border. We need to stop the flow of non-White invaders into the United States, and begin a program to systematically expel those who are already here.

The number of non-White invaders who have surged across our borders is staggering. In fact, it is so bad that no one knows for sure how many illegal invaders are already here. The official figure given by the government is 11 million, but this is surely a gross underestimation. Former ambassador to the US from Mexico, Aturo Sarakhan, says that the true number may be as high as 30 million – or roughly a tenth of the total US population! The figure 30 million illegal aliens has also been repeated by US presidential candidate Donald Trump and rightwing political pundit Ann Colter.

The official US government statistics claim that the total number of aliens, both legal and illegal, is over 40 million – or about 13 percent of the total. But this number is also too low. More reliable is the breakdown of aliens by race and ethnicity:

46 percent are non-White Hispanics, with the majority of these coming from Mexico;

26 percent are from Asia;

9 percent are Black;

17 percent are biracial or other;

2 percent are White

Clearly we are being swamped by a tidal wave of people who are genetically and culturally different from the indigenous White American population.

The political elites in Washington, as well as the news media, readily admit that there is a problem with unchecked migration into the US. In fact, there have been various proposals to solve the crisis for 40 years. But nothing effective is ever done.

This is because the ruling elites do not really want to fix the problem. If they did, the Mexican border could be shut overnight by simply stationing troops there with live ammunition. A humane program of repatriation could then be implemented. But this will not be done because:

The Republicans want illegal immigration, because they want cheap labor. The capitalists would rather pay slave wages to invaders than pay a decent living wage to White workers.

The Democrats want a flood of non-White immigrants because in time, most of the invaders will become US citizens, and they will vote for the Democrats.
The Churches want to see a massive invasion from Latin America, partly for theological reasons, but primarily because it strengthens their numbers, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church.

And above all, the Jews want to see White America drown in a sea of non-White humanity, while they themselves retain their ethnic purity. Through their control of the news media and the entertainment industry, the Jews aggressively push for increased non-White immigration at every opportunity.

Here is what needs to be done:

The border needs to be sealed against all further non-White immigration, both legal and illegal.

All illegal non-White aliens should be immediately deported to their homelands.
Employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be imprisoned.
A thorough investigation should be made of those non-White invaders who are here legally, to determine who among them should be allowed to stay.
The amount of money that non-citizens may send out of the country should be limited to $100 a month per adult.

The common complaint made against a proposed deportation of millions of illegal aliens is that, “It can’t be done; it would be too expensive.”

Bullfeathers! Not only can it be done, but is has been done in the past, and with a minimum of fuss and expense. In 1954, the US government, with the cooperation of the Mexican government, instituted a program known as “Operation Wetback,” which systematically identified and expelled over a million Mexican illegals living in the US. Forcible deportations were carried out both in border regions, and in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Additionally, untold numbers of invaders left voluntarily to avoid forcible deportation.

It was done before and it can be done again.

In fact, it must be done again. We need to close the border to further non-White invasion, whether illegal, or under the cover of law. Beyond that we need to expel those non-White immigrants who are already here.

And we must do this as quickly as possible, and regardless of whatever expense or hardship is involved, because our very future as a White nation is at stake.

In days gone by, it was said that “Racial purity is America’s security.” This must be our watchword again as White America moves into the future – because the alternative is White extinction!

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