Ann Coulter Loses Her Temper over the Pro-Jewish Groveling of GOP Presidential Candidates

Sunday, 27 September 2015

National Socialist News Service

It is useful for White people to know a few words of the secretive Jewish languages of Hebrew and Yiddish. Such knowledge not only helps us know what the Jews are talking about when they are speaking with each other, but it also gives insight into their mentality.

One interesting Yiddish term is Shabbos goy. It rates its own Wikipedia page, where it is defined,

A Shabbos goy … is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work which Jewish religious law enjoins Jews from doing on the Sabbath.

Wikipedia goes on to list a number of notable men who got their start in life for doing such work for the Jews, including Colin Powell, Mario Cuomo, Martin Scorsese, Harry Truman and Elvis Presley.

On the surface, it sounds pretty harmless. But beyond the formal, dictionary definition of Shabbos goy, there is the informal way that it is now used in common discourse. Says the website Urban Dictionary:

Shabbos goy: Originally, a non-Jew who does work on Sabbath that a Jew cannot do. In modern times, it is a non-Jew who toadies to the every wish and whim of the Jews, especially in politics, or a non-Jew who is heavily supportive of Israel.


ANN COULTER: The new face of “anti-Semitism?” Anyone who mentions Jewish power is denounced as an “anti-Semite,” even if they are otherwise pro-Jewish, as Coulter is, and even if their criticisms are objectively true and factually based.

On September 16, 2015, CNN hosted a debate of 11 of the current Republican presidential contenders. Two hours or so into the marathon political gabfest, rightwing political pundit Ann Coulter lost her temper over the non-stop groveling and pandering to the Jews by the Shabbos goy GOP politicians. She began a series of tweets to let off her anger:

11:00 – Good grief! Huckabee is running for PM of Israel.
11:05 – “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”
11:05 – Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL in their response to “What will AMERICA look like after you are president?”
11:14 – Christie also talks @ Israel in response to the question: What will AMERICA look like after you are president?”
11:18 – How to get applause from GOP donors: 1) Pledge to start a war 2) Talk about job creators 3) Denounce abortion 4) Cite Reagan 5) Cite Israel.

Such frank and honest talk about Jewish power is normally forbidden in the mainstream media, especially coming from a respected political commentator such as Coulter.

Perhaps belatedly aware that she had crossed the line concerning what is Semitically-correct speech, she tried to walk her words back a bit.

1:28 AM –I like the Jews, I like fetuses, I like Reagan. Didn’t need to hear applause lines about them all night.

We believe Coulter: there is no evidence that she has ever been anything but supportive of Israel and friendly to the Jews. But that is not the point: she spoke openly about their immense political power and the groveling of Republican candidates to them. Further, she referred to the Jews in a less-than-respectful manner. So to the Jews, she will henceforth and evermore be an “anti-Semite.”

But nevertheless, her words were true – and in fact, she could have gone even further. Although she named Cruz, Christie, Rubio and Huckabee, Coulter did not mention candidate Donald Trump’s support for Israel. To be sure, Trump has said some very sensible things about the ongoing illegal immigration crisis. But when it comes to support for Israel, Trump (whose daughter is  married to a Jew, and who has Jewish grandchildren) is just as bad as the others.

Nor is the groveling to the Jews on the subject of Israel limited to the Republicans. The Democrats, including Hillary Clinton (whose daughter is also married to a Jew) and the Jewish Marxist Bernie Sanders are just as bad, as would be Joe Biden if he decided to run.

Also, it should be noted that the implication of Coulter’s now-famous “f—king Jews” tweet is off target. It is true that Jews make up a powerful voting bloc in a few states, such as New York and Florida. But that is not the source of their enormous political influence. Rather, it is through their domination of the news media and their financial clout that they wield control out of all proportion to their numbers.

Still, despite its limitations and shortcomings, it was refreshing to see Coulter expose Jewish power to the harsh light of public scrutiny. Such exposure can only have a healthful effect on the diseased political system that rules America today. For the sooner that White Americans realize that it is the Jews who are leading them to their destruction, the sooner it will be that awakened Whites can take the necessary corrective action.


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