Interview with NEW ORDER Chief of Staff Martin Kerr

The following is an abbreviated and revised transcript of an interview between NEW ORDER Chief of Staff Martin Kerr and Rosmarie Macleod, host of the online broadcast The Voice of National Socialist Reason. This interview took place on November 4, 2018, on Mixlr, at

This is the first formal interview Mr. Kerr has given since becoming Chief of Staff in 2014.


ROSEMARIE MACLEOD: Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get involved in the Movement?

MARTIN KERR: I was born in Pennsylvania in 1952. May ancestors were of Scottish, English and German descent, and helped to settle the state. When I was three or four years old, our family moved to New Jersey. I grew up is a small White suburban community about 20 miles outside of New York City. I had a safe and comfortable middleclass existence. I attended public schools and the local Presbyterian church.

I first became interested in National Socialism in 1966, when I was 14 years old. I was aware, through reading the newspapers and watching the news on television, that American society was facing many problems, including racial unrest, the spread of communism and the war in Vietnam. It was also apparent to me that the solutions to these problems did not consist of those offered by democracy, capitalism or the churches – they were the very ones who had allowed the problems to arise in the first place! So I was casting about for solutions.

I read an interview with George Lincoln Rockwell and was very impressed by his honesty. Here was someone who was tackling the problems that we were facing – especially racial problems – in a direct and forthright manner. We didn’t use the term back then, but today we would say that he was “thinking outside the box.” I wrote to Commander Rockwell and asked him if I could join the American Nazi Party. Within a week I had received an answer in the mail, and I promptly signed up in the party’s youth wing, the National Socialist Youth Movement, which was the same as the Hitler Youth.

As you can imagine, my parents were unhappy with this development, and they prevented any further involvement by me in National Socialist politics for the time being. However, I kept my National Socialist faith, and by my junior year in high school I was attending meetings and demonstrations of the National Renaissance Party in New York City.

MK 03-81 NHQ Mtg Room Arlington

Martin Kerr at the NSWPP headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, 1981.

I formally re-affiliated with the NSWPP in 1971. From 1973 through 1977 I served with the Los Angeles Unit of the party. From June 1977 until 1984 I worked at the party’s national headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. My primary responsibility there was public outreach, in particular, editing the party’s written publications.

I was one on the founding associates when party commander Matt Koehl reorganized the NSWPP as the NEW ORDER in 1983. In Commander Koehl’s last will, he indicated that he wanted me to follow him as the leader of the NEW ORDER. I have been in charge of NEW ORDER operations since his death in October 2014.

RM: Different people have different definitions of National Socialism. What does it mean to you?

MK: There are different levels to National Socialism. What most people understand by the term is its superstructure, that is to say its outward policies and form. In that sense, National Socialism is a dynamic racial movement that seeks to safeguard and advance the interests and welfare of White people both here in the US and worldwide.

Using Hitler’s Germany as a model, the NEW ORDER seeks to create a National Socialist state for White Americans. Now, it is not the case that we are trying to replicate the Third Reich on American soil, in the sense of copying it identically in every little detail. Rather, our goal is to apply basic National Socialist principles in an American context, taking into account America’s history, its racial and ethnic demographics, and its geography, as well as the unique character of the American personality.

But underneath this political superstructure rests the philosophical basis of National Socialism, which does not change over time, or from one country to the next.

National Socialism is a worldview, or a Weltanschauung, to use the German term. We believe that the Universe is governed by natural laws. For Man to be healthy and prosperous, he must first acknowledge that these laws exist; secondly, he must discern what they are; and finally, he must follow them. This process is true both for individuals and for our race as a whole.

My good friend and comrade Povl Riis-Knudsen, the Danish National Socialist, has devised a one-sentence definition of National Socialism that serves very well: National Socialism is the application of the laws of Nature to human affairs.

RM: What is the NEW ORDER? What separates it from other pro-White organizations?

MK: The NEW ORDER is a vanguard National Socialist organization. Our doctrine is derived directly from Mein Kampf and other Hitlerian sources.

Here is what we are not:

• We are not White Nationalists;
• We are not White separatists;
• We are not Alt-Right;
• We are not Balk Right;
• We are not Christian Identists;
• We are not Satanists;
• We are not Identitarians;
• We are not National Bolsheviks or Strasserites

Our goal is to promote strict, hardline Hitlerian National Socialism, and not something else. We try to stay on good footing with other pro-White groups that are not National Socialist, and we wish them no ill will. Anything that moves White people in the general direction of National Socialism is worthwhile, in our opinion. But ultimately there is only one movement qualified to lead White people into the future, and that movement is National Socialism, embodied in North America as the NEW ORDER.

The NEW ORDER traces its organizational descent directly to George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party, later renamed the National Socialist White People’s Party. When Commander Rockwell was assassinated in 1967, party leadership devolved to Matt Koehl.

As I mentioned earlier, Commander Koehl reorganized the NSWPP as the NEW ORDER in 1983. So our organizational history goes back some six decades.

Also, from our earliest days, commanders Rockwell and Koehl had contact with the remnants of the original Hitler movement in Germany, through comrades such as Arthur Axmann, Otto Remer, Gudrun Burwitz-Himmler, Bruno Ludtke, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Winifred Wagner, Hans Baur, Florentine Rost van Tonnigen, Hanna Reitsch, Hans Severus Ziegler and others.

No other pro-White or National Socialist group has and organizational pedigree that even comes close to ours.

I mentioned earlier that we a “vanguard organization.” Our predecessor, the National Socialist White People’s Party, was designed as a mass-oriented political formation. The NEW ORDER, in contrast, does not seek to recruit the masses of people into its ranks, or much less to solicit their support in elections.

Rather, we are looking for a small number of highly motivated, exceptional people – an elite – who are fully committed to the National Socialist cause.

RM: What is the NEW ORDER’s stand on religion?

MK: The NEW ORDER is incorporated in Virginia as a non-profit religious organization. Our leadership views National Socialism as our religion. For us, the tenets of the National Socialist worldview fulfill all of the spiritual requirements for a new religious faith. Sometimes people refer to this as the Hitler Faith or Esoteric Hitlerism.

Our critics sometimes claim that we worship Adolf Hitler as a “god,” but this is a misunderstanding or deliberate distortion of our belief.

Our founder, Matt Koehl, put our perception of Adolf Hitler as follows:

There is but one Supreme Being, one Ultimate Source of all causation — one great Primal Power, infinite and eternal — which we recognize. We are all creations of this Power. Once in thousands of years, however, a singular and unique figure appears, whose special mission it is to declare anew the Divine Will and to redefine human history. In so doing, he himself becomes a universal symbol. In recent time, this extraordinary, providential figure appeared in the person of — Adolf Hitler. With his miraculous appearance, a new age on Earth has begun. That is why we honor and revere him. (Source: FAQ)

Thus our attitude towards Adolf Hitler is not one of “worship,” as the term is commonly understood, but rather one of veneration.

So, this is our belief. But we do not attempt to force our religious insights on our followers. How somebody views the Divine is up to them, it’s a matter of personal conscience. Everyone has to find their own path to God.

We have as supporters people who are Christians, or Odinists, or atheists. We even have a few Buddhists. Savitri Devi famously embraced Hinduism. As long as someone is an Aryan and they support National Socialism, they are welcome in our ranks, regardless of religious conviction. Religious intolerance and persecution are un-Aryan.

RM: Does the NEW ORDER have a plan? What is its strategy?

MK: For obvious reasons, we are not going to reveal our strategy to the public in any detail, but I can speak about it in general terms.

Broadly speaking, there are two different strategic approaches that hardline pro-Whites have utilized over the years: the mass-approach and the vanguard strategy.

The mass-approach consists on enlisting as many people as possible into the movement as quickly as possible. It is characterized by public demonstrations, publicity seeking, a high media profile and public name recognition. Little or no attention is paid to building a solid infrastructure, nor in ideological development, nor in quality control concerning those recruited.

The mass-approach results in a lot of publicity and attention, and in a relatively larger membership. But the organizations that adopt this approach normally do not last long. They are filled with infiltrators and other troublemakers. The publicity that they receive is almost always negative. Their average existence is about two years, after which they disband or fade away, only to be replaced by similar dead-end organizations. This is not the approach that the NEW ORDER is taking.

Instead, we are pursuing a vanguard strategy. This is characterized by slow growth and consolidation, by intensive theoretical development, and by careful attention as to whom we recruit. We have small numbers, a low public profile, and little engagement with the media. We spend most of our effort and resources is building a solid infrastructure. Our public activities are limited. Their goal is to spread our message as far and wide as possible among the broad masses of our racial sisters and brothers.

We have encountered groups which claim that they pursue both strategies simultaneously, that is, a mass strategy accompanied by intenstive infrastructutal development. But realistically, given the limited resources that pro-Whites have at their disposal, you cannot do both at once; you have to choose one to focus on.

Our mid-range goal is to create a nationwide network of local National Socialist communities, which we term folk strongholds. We will have more to say about this in the future. However, as I said before, we do not intend to broadcast our plans to the public. We prefer to boast about our accomplishments after they have been made – not beforehand.

RM: How can people help out if they support the NEW ORDER and its beliefs? Where can people go if they want more information on the NEW ORDER?

MK: The basic level of affiliation to the NEW ORDER is that of Registered Supporter. An RS is someone who states that they are in agreements with our beliefs and who agrees to pay a monthly financial pledge to help support our operations. They have to fill out a registration form which includes a postal address. The NEW ORDER is an organization that is based in the real world. We have no Registered Supporters who are anonymous, or who are only known to us online.

If someone still wants to support our work, but they do not want to make the formal commitment of becoming a Registered Supporter, one thing that they can do is to subscribe to out print publication, the NS BULLETIN. It has been published continuously since 1967.

Further information on our Registered Supporter program and on subscribing to the NS BULLETIN can be found at the “About and Contact” page on our blog. (About and Contact)

Some people want to support us by making a financial contribution. We are now in the middle of our Fall Building Campaign, the goal of which is to raise $5,000 above our normal income. Donations of any size may be made to our post office box address in the form of check, money order or well-concealed cash. Money orders are a good option for those who want to donate anonymously, but do not trust sending cash through the mail.


To hear the original broadcast of this interview, go to: https:///

Select “Sun 04 Nov 2018”

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The Pittsburgh Shooting

NEW ORDER Central Office

The attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27, which resulted in 11 Jews being killed and six people being wounded (including four law enforcement officers), has focused national attention on the pro-White movement. As is always the case in such high-profile incidents involving counter-Semites, we have been asked if we had any contact with the attacker, Robert Bowers.

Checking our records, we discovered that Bowers was not and never had been a Registered Supporter of the NEW ORDER, nor did he subscribe to our print publication, the NS BULLETIN. He has not attended any NEW ORDER meetings or public activities. Our archives go back for many years – decades, in fact. So far, an ongoing examination of our files has revealed no record of him at all, and the further we go back in time the less likely it is that we will find anything.

However, he recently became a follower of our Gab account, and on one occasion he reposted one of our messages. Here it is:

The cleverest & most successful maneuver made by the Jews in their war against #WhitePeople was to persuade the mass of ordinary Americans that pro-Whites are their enemies, and that Jews are their true friends.

It is as if (((they))) convinced people that firefighters were arsonists, and that arsonists were the true firefighters.


That is the total extent of our contact with this individual. We know nothing further about him, other than what has appeared in the mainstream media.

Let us take this opportunity to reaffirm our longstanding, permanent policy concerning illegal violence, armed struggle and terrorism:

It is not through random acts of violence and terrorism that White liberation will be achieved, but only through a disciplined campaign of winning the hearts and minds of our racial brothers and sisters to our Cause. We oppose all illegal violence, including attacks targeting Jews or other non-Aryan minorities.

We understand that many Whites today are pushed to the breaking point and beyond by the loss of their country and their culture, and by the looming specter of White genocide. Nevertheless, lashing out in an undisciplined and random manner is not helpful. It plays into the hands of our enemies by providing our foes with a propaganda bonanza with which to demonize the Movement in the eyes of the White population. Further, it gives the authorities a pretext for the illegitimate persecution of Movement leaders and activists.

Every action that we take as National Socialists – whether individually or collectively – must be evaluated from the following standpoint: “Does it aid or hinder our long-term goal of building National Socialism in America?” Illegal violence of any sort is counterproductive.


Source: This article appears in the November issue of the NEW ORDER UPDATE, internal newsletter of the NEW ORDER.

For the NEW ORDER on Gab, see:


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Martin Kerr Interview Scheduled for the Evening of Sunday, November 4

NS Radio Mod 3 Show_O Adjust

Chief of Staff Martin Kerr is scheduled to be interviewed on the online broadcast The Voice of National Socialist Reason, hosted by Rosemairie Macleod.

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2018

Time: 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (and don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour, or you will miss the show!)


This will be the first formal interview Mr. Kerr has given since assuming the position of NEW ORDER Chief of Staff following the death of Matt Koehl in 2014. A transcript of his remarks will be published on this blog within the following week.


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Fall Building Campaign 2018

nsb eagle2dynDear Racial Brothers and Sisters,

The NEW ORDER traces its organizational history all the way back to 1959, when George Lincoln Rockwell formed the American Nazi Party.

The dire predictions issued by Commander Rockwell at that time concerning the future of our race and nation were dismissed by his contemporaries as the ravings of a madman.

And yet they have all come true: American Whites are falling to minority status in their own country. They have allowed themselves to be ruled by a Negro president. Traditional Aryan society has been eroded, with the family unit especially having come under sustained attack. Bizarre sexual perversions are now extolled as the new norm. Our very history is being erased by howling mobs of self-styled “anti-fascists.” And looming over it all is the leering face of the Jew, who senses that his age-old goal of world mastery will soon to be within his grasp.

For their part, pro-Whites of all sorts have been powerless so far to halt this decline.

But we National Socialists have not lost heart, for we retain ultimate faith in the combative spirit of our race, in its ability to rise above all adversity, and above all, in its innate superiority. And so we continue to build our organizational infrastructure and spread our race-saving message far and wide among our Folk, in anticipation of the final struggle which approaches with hastening speed.

* * *

During Matt Koehl’s terminal illness, NEW ORDER operations dwindled away and its organizational structure withered. By the time of his death on October 10, 2014, we were left with only the barest remains of what had been a dynamic movement. There were those in pro-White circles who wrongly assumed that we would cease operations, liquidate our remaining assets, and quietly fade away.

That that did not happen is a testament to the dedication and resilience of the leadership corps which Commander Koehl had attracted to our banner. Upon the Commander’s death, a new leadership team took the helm and immediately began rebuilding the Movement of Adolf Hitler and Lincoln Rockwell.

Here is some of what we have accomplished since Matt Koehl passed away:

• We have published nine issues of our flagship print publication, the NATIONAL SOCIALIST BULLETIN, totaling 94 pages.
• We have published six issues of a brand-new internal newsletter, the NEW ORDER UPDATE.
• We have held six public activities. One of these, our commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Commander Rockwell’s death at the site of his assassination, received substantial national and international publicity.
• We have held five formal meetings.
• We have been active online, including social media, with a regularly updated website and a blog, two Twitter accounts, a Gab account, and a strong presence on Redditt.
• Countless thousands of pieces of NEW ORDER printed literature have been distributed in at least 15 states and the District of Columbia, including: Alabama, California, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. (My apologies to any state that I have left out.) On occasion, these distributions have resulted in local print and online publicity.

We have tried to strike a balance between having a strong Internet presence on one hand and being fundamentally rooted in the physical world (“in real life”) on the other.

There have been other achievements as well, which we will not disclose at this time, but which will bear fruit for us in the years ahead.

But all of this progress has come at a cost. Our enemies as well as our friends have noticed the renewed vigor of our efforts. They have responded by attacking our infrastructure, as they realize that this is source of our strength as an organization.

Here are some of the setbacks which we have suffered:

• Our first Twitter account was permanently suspended without warning in November 2016.
• On August 29, 2017, four days after the Rockwell activity mentioned above, out website was closed down, after nearly 20 years of uninterrupted service.
• Shortly after this, we were driven from Redditt.
• On December 18, 2017, our second Twitter account was banned as part of a general purge of pro-Whites accounts.
• In March 2018, our bank account was first frozen, and then closed by the bank. Once again, no advance notice was given, nor was a reason for the closure furnished to us.

Of course, we have fought back against these attacks. On social media, we switched our focus to Gab, which is similar to Twitter, but much smaller. Within weeks of losing our traditional Web domain,, we opened a NEW ORDER blog at And just recently, we have made the first tentative steps at re-launching our traditional website. We opened a new bank to replace the one which had been closed. The balance of the old account, which our former banker had held onto for a long while, was eventually returned to us.

But although we have turned back or overcome these various attacks, they have had the effect of hindering our operations. And that, after all, was their purpose: to slow us down or cripple us by weakening our infrastructure.

If weakening our infrastructure is the goal of our enemies, then strengthening that infrastructure is our obvious defense.

And that is where YOU come in.

* * *

Many of the problems that we face can be overcome through the expenditure of funds. In particular, we would like to keep a lawyer on retainer to push back whenever our legal rights are violated – but as everyone knows, lawyers are not free. We would like to have additional levels of online protection to ward off Internet attacks – but once again, that costs money. If we had our own printing facilities, we would be able to print whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, with no fear of our printer being terrorized into refusing our business. Additional funds would also allow us to mount larger operations and conduct organizing tours.

Most importantly, we need to establish a substantial emergency financial reserve to provide for urgent legal or medical assistance when the need arises – as it certainly will. For be assured, the more progress we make, the stronger and more vicious will be the attacks that we will have to endure.

We have been reluctant to ask for donations in the past few years. Our operations were just ramping up, and we had little to point to in the way of progress. No one wants to throw away good money after bad.

But now the time has come when we need your additional support. We have shown what we can do with the limited resources at our disposal. And now, with your help, we are ready to do more.

* * *

We have people associated with our Movement who have told us that they do not want to help out now but that “when the time is right” they will step forward. Sometimes we are told that they are waiting to pay off their mortgage or some other bills. Other times they say that they are waiting for their children to grow up or to finish school. We have no doubt that in most of these cases the reasons that they give us for holding back are legitimate.

But the hard truth is that our situation as a people worsens with every passing year, with every passing month – and indeed, with every passing day. Our percentage of the population, both in the US and worldwide, continues to shrink. Our enemies strengthen their stranglehold on the media. Our legal rights to organize and spread our message are continually curtailed.

The bottom, line is this: we do not have unlimited time until our Race passes the point of no return.

Those who have supported in the past need to step forward once again. To those who have been holding back in anticipation of the “right moment,” we say that that moment has now arrived!

As a popular television show has it, “Winter is coming.”

Between now and the beginning of calendar year 2019, the NEW ORDER needs to raise an additional $5,000 above our ordinary income. This is not a huge amount, and fact, it is modest compared to what we have been able to raise in past appeals over the years.
We ask everyone who receives this appeal to donate the maximum that they can afford. Do not view this as money that you are just “giving away,” but rather as an investment in the future of our Race – in your children’s future.

Every contribution that we receive will help us as we move forward. Even smaller donations of $10 or $20 add up when combined. Those who are financially comfortable should make substantial contributions.

And make your donation NOW, before you get caught up in the inevitable vortex of holiday spending.

We thank those who have supported us over the past years, and especially during the difficult days following Commander Koehl’s death, when we were struggling to get back on our feet. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

We have many great things planned for the months ahead. With your help, we hope to be able to report back to you at this time next year with a list of accomplishments in which every National Socialist can take pride.

For a White Future,

Martin Kerr
Chief of Staff


You may send your donation to the address below, in the form of check, money order or well-concealed cash.

PO Box 270486
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227

If you are in personal contact with someone from the NEW ORDER, you may give your contribution to them to pass on to the Central Office.


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The National Socialist Lifestyle

By Martin Kerr

What does it mean to be a National Socialist?

Certainly, we can say that someone who is in general agreement with the National Socialist worldview, as he or she understands it, is a National Socialist in a formal sense of the term. There are also those who appreciate the NS period in European history, although they may not have a comprehensive ideological understanding of National Socialism. They may be described as being sympathetic to National Socialism, even if their theoretical knowledge of the NS worldview is incomplete.

But to be a true National Socialist in a profound sense means living an NS lifestyle, not just to agree with NS ideas in an abstract manner, or to admire historical National Socialism from a distance.

Hermann Goering once noted that one does not become a National Socialist simply as a matter of intellectual endorsement, but rather that one is born a National Socialist. The NS philosopher Savitri Devi further expanded on this idea:

“One does not become a National Socialist. One only discovers, sooner or later, that one has always been one — that, by nature, one could not possibly be anything else. For this is not a mere political label; not an ‘opinion’ that one can accept or dismiss according to circumstances, but a faith, involving one’s whole being, physical and psychological, mental and spiritual: ‘not a new election cry, but a new conception of the world’ — a way of life — as our Führer himself has said.”

It follows that if being a National Socialist is more than just a political belief, it should condition the way one lives one’s life – that is, that there is a characteristic NS lifestyle. Colin Jordan wrote that a person, “acts as a National Socialist, if he is really and entirely one.”

The first thing that we should point out is that a National Socialist has a positive, “can-do” state of mind. He focuses on the solution to a problem, rather than on the problem itself or on the roadblocks that stand in the way to solving the problem. As Adolf Hitler said, “Obstacles exist only to be broken, not to be surrendered to.” This is the fundamental NS attitude towards life in general.

We welcome struggle, not as a necessary evil, but as a great gift and opportunity that allows us to strengthen ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Again quoting Hitler: “Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle, and only in eternal peace will it perish.” Fritz Kuhn, leader of the German-American Bund in the 1930s, said, “We must welcome every fight!”

Embracing the struggle-ethic to the fullest has two corollaries. The first of these is that the National Socialist enthusiastically leads an active life. Idle complaint is not National Socialist, nor is sitting around and watching television or fiddling with electronic gadgets hour after hour, day after day. Rather, a National Socialist gets out and engages in the real world. This may take the form of participating in a public activity to build the Movement, or it may simply be going for a hike in the forest. Citing an old Aryan adage, the Führer noted that, “he who rests – rusts.”

Two Men-page0001 (3)

Cartoon from an SA newspaper: “Two men – two worldviews.” Which are you?

Do you take the escalator or the stairs? Said Mussolini, “The fascist distains the easy life.” The Duce was not a National Socialist, but in this instance his words are consistent with an NS lifestyle.

The second corollary to embracing an active life is that one accepts a heroic, courageous attitude towards existence and death. A National Socialist knows that there are dangers and hardships in the world, that there is pain, and that someday we all die. Rather than becoming depressed by such a realization, or retreating from the world in a cowardly manner, the National Socialist greets life with joyous fortitude. He steels himself mentally, physically and spiritually against the hardships that he may encounter, with absolute determination to fight through them with manly defiance. The National Socialist resolves to die with a cry of triumph on his lips, not to pass away cowering and whimpering like a beaten dog.

Every National Socialist accepts the SS saying, “Know the laws of life and life accordingly,” as his or her personal motto.

Consequently, exercise, healthy eating, and nourishing the spirit are key features of an NS lifestyle. Just as laziness is un-National Socialist, so is a diet that consists of processed food, nutritionless (or even harmful) snacks, all washed down with some form of alcohol or a sugar-laden soft drink.

Instead, a National Socialist lifestyle includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, with as little meat as possible, along with plenty of water and sunshine. He nourishes his soul with Aryan music and art.

Likewise, the National Socialist shuns polluting himself with the degenerate byproducts of an un-Aryan popular culture. These include films that insult the history of the White race, that promote race-mixing, that degrade women or that glorify crime, as well as so-called “music” that offends the Aryan spirit. Likewise, the National Socialist does not contaminate his body and weaken his spirit with drugs and intoxicants.

A while back someone posting on Stormfront claimed that his favorite music was “National Socialist rap.” Let us get this straight once and for all: there is no “National Socialist rap,” nor is there “NS hip-hop” or “Aryan jazz.” We do not insist that 14-year-old Aryan girls forego silly love songs and listen only to Luftwaffe assault marches or German opera – only that Aryans of both sexes and all ages nourish their spirits with musical forms that are produced by, and consistent with, their racial souls.

In so far as possible, the National Socialist lifestyle is family oriented. Just as he views his race as a gigantic extension of his family, so he views his family as his race in miniature. The National Socialist man treats the women and children of his race with respect, dignity and affection. His fundamental attitude towards them is protective and supportive, not hostile and aggressive.

Sadly, many teenage National Socialists living in a non-NS household alienate themselves from their families by attempting to convert their parents to the Hitlerian worldview over Sunday dinner. Tensions between National Socialists and non-National Socialists within a given family are inevitable, but it is the duty of the National Socialist not to let these tensions rend the family apart. Save you efforts at spreading the Good Word to those outside your family. Explain your beliefs if asked, but do not push them on family members.

National Socialists spend as much time outdoors as they can. They garden, go for walks in the woods, and generally enjoy the splendor of living Nature. They feel that they themselves are a part of the natural world, not that it is a foreign environment that they visit on rare occasion.


Kindness to animals and a love of living nature are components of a National Socialist lifestyle.

The National Socialist lifestyle includes the love of animals, and kindness towards them. Nothing is so foreign to the Aryan spirit than the sadistic slaughter of animals for food practiced by the Semitic peoples.

A true National Socialist interacts with the non-Aryans he encounters in his daily life in a courteous manner, to the degree that they treat him the same. Whatever hostility that we may feel towards other peoples is not personal, and it should not be taken out on random non-Whites whom we may encounter. The depiction of National Socialists as being rude, mean or insulting to ordinary non-Whites, who have done nothing offensive, is right out of the Jewish playbook. Despite what our enemies may say about us, the National Socialist is not a mindless thug.

It is not always easy to live an NS lifestyle in today’s world. Certainly, it is easier in all-White rural areas than it is in the soulless racial cesspools which our cities have become.

In the first decades of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler found himself in a situation similar to that which we encounter today while living in Vienna. Still a teenager or a young man, he was confronted with degeneracy on all sides. His friend August Kubizek reports how the young Hitler dealt with it:

In the midst of that corrupt city, my friend surrounded himself with a wall of unshakeable principles which enabled him to build up an inner freedom, in spite of the dangers around him. He was afraid of infection, as he often said. Now I understand that he meant, not only venereal infection, but a more general infection, namely, the danger of being caught up in the prevailing conditions and finally being dragged down into a vortex of corruption. It is not surprising that no one understood him, that they took him for an eccentric, and that those few who came in contact with him called him presumptuous and arrogant.

But he went his way, untouched by what went on around him…

Sound familiar?

Ultimately, a National Socialist must live a National Socialist lifestyle. To do otherwise would mean being false to whom he or she is. So even when it is difficult – indeed, even dangerous – he lives his outer life in accordance with his inner being. Yet whatever the cost, he has the great recompense of living his life on his own terms. Even in the midst of racial decay and social decline, he lives in the New Order.


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