New Website Launched to Promote the Religious Dimension of National Socialism

The NEW ORDER is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit religious organization. Indeed, the very reason that our founder, Matt Koehl, dissolved the National Socialist White People’s Party and reformed the movement in the US as the NEW ORDER was to promote the religious dimension of National Socialism as a post-Christian alternative for Aryans who had become turned off by their old faith and were seeking a new religious direction.

As he explains in his groundbreaking essay “Faith of the Future,” every civilization has at its core a religion that is the repository of its spiritual values. Western civilization, since its inception some 1,500 years ago, has had Christianity – in all its different forms – as its spiritual matrix. We are now living in the last days of the West, which has been weakened racially, culturally and spiritually to a point where it cannot be revived. As National Socialists, Matt Koehl maintained, our long term goal is to prepare for a new, post-Western civilization. The way to do this is to lay the groundwork for a new racial religion that will form the spiritual basis of the coming Aryan imperium.


This new religion will be based on the teachings and struggle of Adolf Hitler, whom we see not just as a German politician from the preceding century, but rather as the inspired champion of Aryan destiny. His teachings are not just a political doctrine or ideology, but the very enunciation of the Laws of Life according to which Nature creates and lives.

The propagation of this new religion is central to the mission of the NEW ORDER. It is sometimes called the Hitler Faith, Esoteric Hitlerism — or just the New Faith.

We have not made the promulgation of National Socialist religious thought the main focus of our outreach in recent years — but we have certainly no forgotten about it!

Now, NEW ORDER Comrade SK, on his own initiative and at his own expense, has sought to remedy this lack. He has launched  new website, dedicated to promoting the religious dimension of National Socialism. This new site is not an official NEW ORDER site issued by our Central Office, but rather is an independent platform produced in support of the NEW ORDER.

You may view it here:

Frontfighter is a new site and it is far from complete. There is still much material to be added to it. However, in its basic form, it is ready to go live.

We encourage all of our adherents, and anyone else interested in the Hitler Faith or National Socialist spirituality, to give it their full support.

Martin Kerr
Chief of Staff




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So, Who Is Really Running this Sideshow?

Commentary by the National Socialist News Service

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, the US Congress voted to approve House Resolution 183. This resolution condemns both verbal and physical attacks against “African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and others.”

The resolution passed with a lopsided vote of 407-23. All of the Democrats voted in favor if it, including Illhan Omar, whose criticism of Zionism and Zionist power sparked the resolution in the first place. Interestingly, Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Iowa who has been widely vilified in the meda for racism, did not cast his ballot against the resolution, but instead simply voted “present.”

The resolution claims that,

…Jewish people are subject in the media and political campaigns to numerous […] dangerous anti-Semitic myths [sic], including that Jews control the United States Government or seek global, political, and financial domination and that Jews are obsessed with money; […]

… [A]ccusing Jews of being more loyal to Israel or to the Jewish community than to the United States constitutes anti-Semitism because it suggests that Jewish citizens cannot be patriotic Americans and trusted neighbors […]

That is an accurate, if not comprehensive, bill of particulars that describes the Jews.

Among its other curiosities, HR 183 also condemns the “Dreyfus Affair.” This was an instance of alleged French anti-Semitism from 1894, that had nothing to do with the United States or American Jews.

Despite its gushing concern for Negroes, Jews and so forth, the congressional resolution does not contain one single word in defense of those American Whites who have been the victims of racial violence, hatred or abuse.

Only one of the 23 representatives who did not vote for the resolution, Mo Brooks (R-AL), said that he could not support it because it discriminated against White people and Christians. While he approved of the resolution’s stand against hatred directed against non-Whites, he said that he had to vote “nay” because,

“Quite frankly, I am shocked the Socialist Democrats who sponsored H. Res. 183 refused to similarly condemn discrimination against Caucasian-Americans and Christians.

Quite frankly, we are surprised that even one politician of the 430 who voted had the courage to speak up in defense of White Americans.

White people, we note, currently make up 60 percent of the US population (down from 90 percent in 1960). But while Whites may still make up the overwhelming majority of the population of the United States, the Federal government in no way represents their interests or promotes their welfare.

So, the question we ask is this: who is really running this sideshow – or do we already know?


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The Role of Women in Society


The following are excerpts from an address given by Adolf Hitler to a meeting of the National Socialist Women’s Organization, September 8, 1934.

[…] The slogan “emancipation of women” was invented by Jewish intellectuals and its content was formed by the same spirit. In the really good times of German life the German woman had no need to emancipate herself. She possessed exactly what nature had necessarily given her to administer and preserve; just as the man in his good times had no need to fear that he would be ousted from his position in relation to the woman.

In fact, the woman was least likely to challenge his position. Only when he was not absolutely certain in his knowledge of his task did the eternal instinct of self and race-preservation begin to rebel in women. There then grew from this rebellion a state of affairs which was unnatural and which lasted until both sexes returned to the respective spheres which an eternally wise providence had preordained for them.

If the man’s world is said to be the State, his struggle, his readiness to devote his powers to the service of the community, then it may perhaps be said that the woman’s is a smaller world. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home. But what would become of the greater world if there were no one to tend and care for the smaller one? How could the greater world survive if there were no one to make the cares of the smaller world the content of their lives? No, the greater world is built on the foundation of this smaller world. This great world cannot survive if the smaller world is not stable. Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man’s world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other, they belong together just as man and woman belong together.

We do not consider it correct for the woman to interfere in the world of the man, in his main sphere. We consider it natural if these two worlds remain distinct. To the one belongs the strength of feeling, the strength of the soul. To the other belongs the strength of vision, of toughness, of decision, and of the willingness to act. In the one case this strength demands the willingness of the woman to risk her life to preserve this important cell and to multiply it, and in the other case it demands from the man the readiness to safeguard life.

The sacrifices which the man makes in the struggle of his nation, the woman makes in the preservation of that nation in individual cases. What the man gives in courage on the battlefield, the woman gives in eternal self-sacrifice, in eternal pain and suffering. Every child that a woman brings into the world is a battle, a battle waged for the existence of her people. And both must therefore mutually value and respect each other when they see that each performs the task that Nature and Providence have ordained. And this mutual respect will necessarily result from this separation of the functions of each.

It is not true, as Jewish intellectuals assert, that respect depends on the overlapping of the spheres of activity of the sexes; this respect demands that neither sex should try to do that which belongs to the sphere of the other. It lies in the last resort in the fact that each knows that the other is doing everything necessary to maintain the whole community. […]

So our women’s movement is for us not something which inscribes on its banner as its program the fight against men, but something which has as its program the common fight together with men. For the new National Socialist folk community acquires a firm basis precisely because we have gained the trust of millions of women as fanatical fellow-combatants, women who have fought for the common life in the service of the common task of preserving life, who in that combat did not set their sights on the rights which a Jewish intellectualism put before their eyes, but rather on the duties imposed by nature on all of us in common.

Whereas previously the programs of the liberal, intellectualist women’s movements contained many points, the program of our National Socialist Women’s movement has in reality but one single point, and that point is the child, that tiny creature which must be born and grow strong and which alone gives meaning to the whole life-struggle. […]


Our thanks to Nationalist Women for calling our attention to this translation.



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“The prerequisite for action is the will and courage to be truthful.”

– Adolf Hitler

By Martin Kerr

I was speaking with a friend of the NEW ORDER back in December. He asked me how our Fall Building Campaign was coming along. I told him that it had gotten off to a good start but that it had quickly faltered. It was unlikely, I said, that we would meet its $5,000 goal. I added that this is disappointing, not just because we need the funds, but because it makes the NEW ORDER look bad.

“That’s not a problem,” he responded. “No one except you will know what the actual total is. Just announce whatever you feel like – $6,000, $7,000 or whatever.

One thing that we were not going to do, I replied, was to falsify the results. First of all, making the NEW ORDER appear richer and stronger than it actually is sets up expectations among our supporters that we will be unable to meet. In the end, that will undermine the faith and confidence that our adherents have in us. But beyond that, lying to our followers weakens the integrity of the Movement. Our people must always know that we are telling them the truth, even if the truth is sometimes unpleasant.

The ugly reality is that we National Socialists are in a position of weakness. We do not have unlimited funds at our disposal, nor do we have limitless manpower. The mainstream media is not on our side, and in fact they are willing to work overtime to spread lies about us. We do not have the support of any of the key institutions in society, such as the military, the police, the unions, the churches or the universities. We have no followers either in the elected government or in the unelected deep state bureaucracy. And finally, we do not have a measurable base of support among the White population. Truly, we are in a position of fundamental weakness.

MK 03-81 NHQ Mtg Room Arlington

Martin Kerr

But we do possess a few important weapons that our enemies do not. Key among these is the Truth. Reality has a way of asserting itself, and eventually it will overcome the lies and unwholesome fantasies that the Jews and their allies represent. Another weapon that we have is our integrity.

The dictionary defines integrity as: “Firm adherence to a code of moral values: INCORRUPTABILITY …synonym: HONESTY.”

From the earliest days of the Movement a century ago, our enemies have consistently portrayed us as liars. This was something with which the Movement in Germany had to contend. In his book Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes (1965), French scholar Jacques Ellul commented on how Joseph Goebbels dealt with this:

“There remains the problem of Goebbels’s reputation. He wore the title of Big Liar (bestowed on him by Anglo-Saxon propaganda) and yet he never stopped battling for propaganda to be as accurate as possible. He preferred being cynical and brutal to being caught in a lie. He used to say: “Everybody must know what the situation is.” He was always the first to announce disastrous events or difficult situations, without hiding anything. The result was a general belief, between 1939 and 1942, the German communiqués not only were more concise, clearer, and less cluttered, but were more truthful than Allied communiqués (American and neutral opinion) – and, furthermore, that the Germans published all the news two or three days before the Allies. All this is so true that pinning the title of Big Liar on Goebbels must be considered quite a propaganda success.”

Unfortunately, the belief that National Socialist propaganda is untruthful is one that still persists among the broad masses of White people today. If we are to have any hope of changing this false perception, it is only by being rigorously honest on all occasions. Such integrity and honesty must include both our public outreach and our internal communications within the Movement. Everyone must know that they can trust us to tell the truth, both when the news is good and when the news is bad. Whatever else people may think about us, they must know that we National Socialists are men and women of integrity.

It is, in fact, our enemies who practice the politics of deception. Donald Trump has popularized the phrase “fake news,” but false news reports are merely the tip of the iceberg. The entire Old Order – the existing political-economic dispensation – is based on layer upon layer of falsehood: not just fake news, but fake history, fake science (at least as it applies to race) and above all fake politics. For if the White population knew the future that the political elites have in store for them and their children – White genocide – there would be an Aryan revolution tomorrow. But, in keeping with their deceptive ways, they keep this concealed from the broad masses. Instead, they brand us as the liars.

There will be other NEW ORDER fundraising drives in the future. We hope that we will be able to meet our goals at those times. But whatever the outcome may be on those occasions, the results that we announce will be factually accurate. Practicing the politics of truth is a matter of the Movement’s fundamental integrity.


This post is an extended version of an editorial that appeared in the print publication NEW ORDER UPDATE, February 2019.


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“The Swastika Flag”

Music: To the tune of “The Bonnie Blue Flag”                                                                                  Lyrics: Ogden Ross                                                                                                                      Source: Organizational Handbook of the National Socialist White People’s Party (1973)


We are a band of brothers, bound by ties of blood,
Fighting for our liberty against the alien flood
And when our rights were threatened, our cry could only be,
“Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!”

Hurrah, hurrah, for White Man’s rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!

As long as Jews and traitors had not gone too far,
Nice were we and good and kind the peace we would not mar.
But now that they have shown their hand for all the world to see,
We raise on high the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!

Hurrah, hurrah, for White Man’s rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!

So here’s to our great Movement, strong are we and brave.
Like patriots of old we’ll fight our heritage to save,
And rather than submit to shame much sooner die would we.
So cheer for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!

Hurrah, hurrah, for White Man’s rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!

We are a band of brothers, bound by ties of blood,
Fighting for our liberty against the alien flood
And when our rights were threatened, our cry could only be,
“Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!”

Hurrah, hurrah, for White Man’s rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Swastika flag that waves defiantly!


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